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Web based business created by area residents

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bruce Brandolino and Shane Green check over computer programing codes for Web based SqueakyFax.com. Photo by Steven W. Looney
As a small business, it is difficult enough to make ends meet and find enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Finding the time to follow up on unpaid accounts sometimes falls through the cracks.

Shane Green and Bruce Brandolino have developed a Web based computer program which becomes an automatic reminder to delinquent accounts for you.

Green and Brandolino moved to the area some years ago from Illinois.

Green said, "I fell in love with the area and decided to stay, after helping my parents move to Cherokee Village."

Brandolino also moved to Ash Flat from Illinois. "I got tired of shoveling snow in the winter and the high property taxes," he said.

The two men have used their engineering backgrounds to develop and sell computer programs designed for database management and scheduling, in their Salem based business, Creative Entrophy, Inc.

After developing a scheduling program for a small business, the client was very faithful with their payment plan, for a while, the man said.

But, the clients regular payments stopped, before the balance was paid in full.

After repeated phone calls to the office with no results and continually getting, "The Boss is out of the office," for three weeks, frustration set in.

Using their creative energies, the two came up with the idea of SqueakyFax.Com.

By sending invoice reminders via fax, the business to business Web based service can help companies collect balances from overdue business accounts.

According to their press release, over the last decade, the company's owners encountered their share of deadbeat clients. Often, the only way to collect payment from these accounts was to constantly call and harass them.

The software program they developed, provides an affordable, innovative service for companies to attempt to collect past due payments.

Traditional methods of debt collection for a small business typically requires time, is a hassle and could become confrontational.

Often times the amount due a business is too small and costly to be handled by a collection agency.

While attempting to collect on a bill for under $100, Green and Brandolino reached a point where, "The money didn't matter so much. It was more the principle of the thing," they said.

Based on the notion, that often in the collection business, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease," SqueakyFax.com was created.

This innovative service works like this:

A customer signs up online with an easy 3-step process.

The customer selects the type of text for the faxed invoice reminder.

The customer sets intervals at which the faxes are to be sent to the debtor.

The customer uses PayPal or a credit card online to pay the minimal service fee.

Then an invoice reminder starts being automatically sent on your chosen schedule via fax, to the client.

Random fax numbers are used to send your reminder to avoid the potential of a customer blocking your incoming fax number.

What makes the service so effective is that customers will see each fax, unlike mailed invoices which can be stacked in a pile or e-mail which can be quickly deleted.

This form of constant reminder can be an effective tool to assist small business with debt collection.

SqueakyFax.com is not a collection service and faxes can be only be sent to other businesses, not to consumers.

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