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Rollin' for a cause

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tom Taylor, his grandson, Justin, and Leona Fuller are a few of the volunteers who "roll for a cause" for Meals on Wheels to area seniors. Photo by Emily McIntosh
"Rollin' for a Cause," is the motto of the Meals on Wheels program at Fun and Friends Senior Center. Every day volunteers and workers for the center prepare meals for seniors who can no longer cook for themselves. These seniors also enjoy a bit of friendly company every now and them from the volunteers who deliver the meals to them.

This time for Meals on Wheels, I went on the Koshkonong route with Tom Taylor, Leona Fuller and Tom's grandson, Justin. This is one of the longer routes. We were one of the last ones back to the center when our route was over.

Tom said he started helping out at the center last winter. "I've been on this one (this route), I think, since last fall," Tom said. "I enjoy doing it. I'm 76 years old, what else can I do?"

Now that school is out, for the most part, the center gets a few more younger volunteers. "When school's out, we typically get some of the school kids," Tom said. "I talked him (his grandson) into it yesterday."

Justin said he will be a junior next year at Thayer High School and plans on studying to be a chef.

He said he likes doing the routes with his grandpa and he said it is a learning experience for him.

Leona is one of the employees through the South West Missouri Office of Aging. She not only goes on routes during the day, but in the afternoon she delivers frozen meals with her own vehicle to seniors who live around where she lives. "You can't get much more dedicated than that, though," Tom said about Leona.

Unfortunately, in last week's article, my recorder had a lot of background noise while Joker was dictating his delightful sonnet about his fun times at the center and made it sound a bit sillier than it actually was. When he came over to correct me, I made him write it down, so technology wouldn't have any way to mess it up. The following is Joker's poem: "Why do I come to the center? Most of all I come to see my friends and folks and to tell them my silly jokes. The jokes are clean, there is no doubt, so I will keep telling them until they throw me out. I also come for fun a bunch, and, yes, I also come for lunch."

Thank you for your poem Joker, and I'm sorry you didn't win the contest for why you come to the center. But, I look forward to your "silly jokes" the next time I come in.

Yes, all volunteers and workers at the center have some amount of dedication for area seniors, otherwise, they wouldn't be working at all. They see a good cause, and they go for it. Volunteers, keep rollin'.

Those who are interested in volunteering, getting information or receiving meals can call the Fun and Friends Senior Center at 264-7354.

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