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Helmet law vetoed

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Missouri bikers are still required to wear their helmets when driving Missouri's roads.

Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed Senate Bill 202 on July 2 that would have repealed Missouri's helmet law. Missouri has had a helmet law since 1967.

After doing some research on neighboring states that have repealed their helmet laws, it was found that these states had more deaths and injuries due to motorcycle accidents and increased health care costs.

According to the governor's office, Gov. Nixon cited two major problems if the bill were to pass: "The significantly increased health care costs that could have resulted from the repeal and the safety of Missouri's motorcycle riders."

"In terms of lives and of dollars, the cost of repealing Missouri's helmet law simply would have been too high," Gov. Nixon said. "By keeping Missouri's helmet law intact, we will save numerous lives, while also saving Missouri taxpayers millions of dollars in increased health care costs. Keeping our helmet law in place was the safe and cost-effective choice for Missouri."

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