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Grants, funds reviewed by quorum court

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Fulton County Quorum Court met Monday, July 13 and discussed several grants received by the county, including one for Tri-County Recycling and one from Walmart for the Sheriff's Department.

The $1,650 grant from Walmart was given to the Sheriff's department to use as they saw fit. Fulton County Sheriff Walter Dillinger requested that the money be appropriated to the department's equipment fund.

Tri-County Recycling applied for and received a grant that will send $1,290.92 per month to cover the operational expenses of their recycling program. Due to the structure of the grant, the money is first sent in check form to Fulton County, which must then appropriate the funds for Tri-County Recycling to use.

The county's lease-purchase on their trucks from Van Corp was up for renewal. The original balance was $630,000, and is now down to a balance of $505,000. The court approved the renewal of the lease-purchase.

In other business, there is a monthly service contract on the county's 911 service system which costs approximately $1,500 and had been inadvertently paid out of the wrong account. The court approved a transfer of $9,555.30 from the phone account to the service contract account to cover these payments.

The court appropriated the monthly hospital tax funds of $10,747.77 for Fulton County Hospital's maintenance and operations budget, and also appropriated $3,500 from the road department budget to cover the cost of a mandatory FEMA audit. The audit was ordered by FEMA because the amount of funds awarded the county for the March 18, 2008, flood were above the $500,000 mark. No deficiencies were found during the audit.

"On the budget, the county is $48,000 ahead in personal taxes this year versus last year, $166,000 ahead on real estate taxes versus last year," said Fulton County Judge Charles Willett. "We are down $4,800 on turnback taxes in the county general fund, down $1,500 on the road fund, down $3,200 on sales tax and down $4,800 in the county general fund from this time last year. Last year, the county general fund was $318,290, and this year we're sitting at $262,981. That's a difference of $55,308 this year versus last year."

Next up was a review of the status of FEMA funds coming to the county. "We've got $1.1 million waiting in Little Rock to be reviewed. Once it's approved, we'll get 75 percent of that up front, which is $843,405. The state will owe us 12.5 percent after that," said Fulton County Emergency Management Coordinator, Darryl Zimmerman. For the spring flooding this year, the county is still expecting to see funds in the amount of $300,000.

"We're going to file for an extension on the debris. We'll be done with the loose stuff -- picking it up and cleaning it up -- in another two months but we still have a lot of hanging limbs in trees to clean up," said Judge Willett. The new FEMA representative also came up to the county and is working with the judge's office to close out the 2008 flood.

Looking at the overall budget, and including the money coming in from FEMA, the court felt the county was still on track to complete the year within budget. With that, the court adjourned.

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