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Assault charges filed against Koshkonong man

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oregon County Sheriff's Deputy Eddie Johnson responded to a call of a shooting Aug. 22 at Beer 30, a bar on Highway E.

According to Oregon County Prosecuting Attorney Fred O'Neill's office, David Adam Teague, 24, of Koshkonong, was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action in the incident.

Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper Mike Hargus heard the call come out on the scanner and alerted the sheriff's department that he would assist Johnson in the call.

According to Johnson's report of the incident, Chief Deputy Eric King arrived on scene first and told responding law enforcement that the male subject had already left the bar and was driving a silver or gray truck.

Johnson turned his patrol car on Highway A heading towards Highway E after he learned the subject had left the bar. Johnson then heard Trooper Ray Reese on the radio say that he had the suspect's vehicle on Highway 19 north of Highway A. Hargus and Johnson turned their patrol vehicles around to go to Reese's location to assist.

When Johnson and Hargus arrived, they found that Reese already had detained the subject. However, according to Johnson's report, the subject was being uncooperative. "As I was walking up to where they were, I could hear the subject yelling and being very belligerent with the troopers and the deputies that were there with him," Johnson wrote in his report.

After officers took a picture of the subject and identified him as David Adam Teague, Johnson reported that Teague still was uncooperative. "We then put him into Deputy Gene Barton's vehicle to be transported to the Thayer Police Department. As we were taking him to the vehicle (Teague) was yelling and cussing and telling us that he was not going to go willingly. (Teague) was not being very cooperative with us and he tried to get out of the vehicle once," Johnson wrote.

Johnson then went back to Beer 30 to get statements from witnesses and show them a picture of Teague to see if Teague was the same male subject who caused problems at the bar.

Johnson spoke with Carol Bates at the bar. "She stated that there was a guy being very belligerent to all of the customers at the bar. Carol said that her bartender was going to cut the guy off because of the way he was acting," according to Johnson's report. "Carol said that she asked the guy to leave and he walked out of the bar." The man later came back, and when Bates asked him to leave again, the man told her that she could not force him to leave and started cussing at her.

According to what Bates told Johnson, the male subject started harassing some of the customers. Eventually, the man pulled out a knife and went towards Gary Cox, a customer in the bar. Tim Morgan, another customer, Cox and Jackie DeRocha grabbed the man and took the knife from him. The group of people, then put the man outside and locked the door. "Carol stated that the guy was yelling that he was going to get his gun and was going to shoot everyone," Johnson wrote.

Morgan told Johnson that while he was trying to break up the fight, the subject stabbed Morgan in the hand with the knife.

When Johnson spoke with Lori Cox, Gary Cox's wife, Lori said that while she was trying to get out of harm's way, the subject punched her in the back of the head. She then saw the knife and warned her husband. When the man left, Lori told Johnson that she thought she heard gunshots outside.

Johnson then interviewed Gary Cox, who said he had been stabbed in the arm while trying to get the man out of the bar. Gary told Johnson that someone in the bar yelled out that the subject had a gun.

After talking with everyone involved, Johnson spoke with bar owner, Floyd Bates, about what transpired. The two of them then walked around the building the bar is in to see if there was any evidence of gunshots fired at the bar. "We could not see anything that had been shot at but we could see that the gravel in the parking lot had been scattered all over the parking lot, surrounding vehicles and against the building," Johnson reported. "We noticed that there were deep acceleration marks all over the parking lot where Teague had been spinning his tires wildly. While we were walking around looking for damages, we noticed that the car parked right out in front of the bar had the back glass busted out."

Johnson went on the say that the right-hand tail light of the same vehicle was broken but no other vehicles in the parking lot had damages. However, gravel was thrown on top of several vehicles.

As of Aug. 31, Teague is being held in the Oregon County Jail. His bond is set at $100,000.

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