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Rock This House event draws large crowd

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Photo/Tammy Curtis Members giving cardboard testimonies during the Rock This House women's conference held at the Ash Flat Church of Christ.
The Ash Flat Church of Christ recently hosted Rock This House women's conference Oct. 23-24. The event featured both local speakers and featured speaker Kelly Minter from Nashville. The spiritual event was very well attended.

Minter is an acclaimed author of "Water into Wine" and "Hope for the Miraculous in the Study of the Mundane" and "No Other Gods." She is also a recording artist, public speaker and spiritual praise leader. Minter has also recorded and released contemporary Christian CD's, including Good Day and Wrestling the Angels, and most recently various songs she has recorded with other Christian artists. She has an uncanny ability to involve the audience in her down to earth presentations, and force one to re-examine their faith through practical every day scenarios.

Minter has also released a well known Bible study, "No other God's," which was the main topic of her discussion with the ladies conference attendees. Minter, who was a pastor's child and had grown up in church told the audience, she had always felt she led a very Christian life, yet after a lot of her success in both writing and recording, was left with emptiness. Minter told the crowd she remembers as a child knowing the Ten Commandments and reviewing them in her mind. She said most of them were easy, especially the commandment, "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me." She worshipped weekly and felt, for the most part, she was living a life the way God intended, until she grew up and came to a stark realization, that what appeared to be the easiest commandment, was, in fact, one of the hardest by which to live.

She told the crowd, that in her early adult years, she realized throughout her life there had become a pattern when she would admittedly allow people in her life to be the main focus and came to realize, they were essentially her gods. To most people false gods are things like the golden calf mentioned in the Bible. Minter brought to light the fact that every day people look to other gods in the form of their jobs, money, popularity, other people, drugs and basically anything to which they focus the majority of their time and effort. She told the crowd of working in a ministry with women who are in prison and them telling her there is no way she can relate to them, and by telling them her story, they too were able to relate and open their minds to her testimony.

Other speakers for Rock this House included Holly Baxter, a personal friend and fellow teacher of Jan Haney, who was one of the event's co-coordinators. Baxter told the audience of her journey with a rare form of blood cancer and how, through her recovery, the cancer had forced her to re-examine her Christianity and more importantly to value time and friends and family.

The conference also featured the beautiful blending of voices by Chayil.

Local speakers included Debbie Kamps. Kamps vividly told the stories of "The Woman at the Well" and "Hannah." Kamps was a crowd pleaser.

Laura Lute provided comic relief in the form of skits for the crowd. Among Lute's skits was "The Prayer Machine" with Samantha Eversoll. Lute brought out a radio with pre-recorded prayers. The prayers were very elaborate and designed to demonstrate, how most people simply recite prayers with little or no emotional attachment, essentially being pre-recorded.

Mary Katherine Brogdon Hardin gave a touching testimony, not about her battle with breast cancer, but about her will to survive and how the cancer has changed her life through realization of things, that before the cancer were not as clear. She took the audience on an emotional journey from the day of her initial diagnosis in 2008 to the day she threw away her anger while walking laps in McCain Mall in Little Rock and resolved to fight the cancer and make the best of the life she had. Brogdon was very well spoken and at times humorous in her testimony.

The most emotional part of the conference were the Cardboard Testimonies. During the testimonies, various people walked on stage with their testimony simply written on brown cardboard and then after giving the audience ample time to read them, were flipped on the reverse side to show the impact God had made in their lives after overcoming their struggles. Some of the testimonies included loss of a spouse, loss of a child, alcoholism, drug addiction, child abuse and cancer.

Becky Nicolson Foreman spoke at the conference about the tragic death of her husband and child in an automobile accident as well as her long road to recovery after nearly dying herself in the crash.

Through song, worship and testimony many women were drawn together as a result of the Rock This House event.

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