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Grants keep city rolling in tough times

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mammoth Spring Mayor Jean Pace updated the city council during the Nov. 2 regular city council meeting on the total amount of grants the city received this year and those that are still in the works.

"To date, we have received $37,546 in grants we did not have to match," Mayor Pace said. She said these grants were for tree trimming, creek cleanout, radar and rifles for the police department.

"The grants had to be closed out and they are subject to audit, but we didn't have to put a match with them," Mayor Pace said.

The mayor said there are other grants the city has received in which the city had to match 25 percent of the grant. She said the city will receive up to $2,500 this year for a recycling grant. A patrol vehicle was also purchased through a grant for $19,000. A generator was purchased with a $5,410 grant.

"Also, I just received word today we're getting $8,000 for the fire department to buy a tanker truck and it's one that's been refurbished by the Forestry Department and it's going to be a really nice truck," the mayor said.

In all, the city has received $103,742 in grant money.

"That's pretty good," Alderman Jim Mills said.

"That's a sixth of our budget, actually," Mayor Pace said.

In financial business, Mayor Pace is expecting the city to be reimbursed some Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) money.

"We should be getting the rest of our money from FEMA," Mayor Pace said. She said she made a few phone calls to see what the hold-up was and managed to put Mammoth Spring on the top of the list to be reimbursed.

"I'm thinking we're going to get about $30,000 more (of FEMA funds)," Mayor Pace said.

Mayor Pace was asked during the meeting if any of the stores were flooded during the heavy rains received Oct. 29-30. She said some of them did.

She said one of the levees broke, not only because of all the rain, but also, possibly, because of a ground hog that had dug holes in it. The mayor suggested putting chicken wire up to prevent animals from digging into the levee. Alderman Mills also suggested putting some rock on the steps that are near the levee.

The mayor and aldermen also discussed several ideas concerning ways to divert water including, installing speed bumps and getting anything that could obstruct the flow of water out of ditches and under bridges.

The city council reviewed Ordinance 2009-06 concerning people tampering with the city's water meters. The ordinance will go up for approval by the council at a later date.

Mayor Pace passed out the budget for 2010 to the aldermen to look over. "We don't have to pass this until January, but state law requires me to get it to you (the aldermen) before Dec. 1," Mayor Pace said. "Take this home and study it. This does not project any grants that we would get. It's just what money we know we're going to get from the state, an estimate of what we're going to get in sales tax and property taxes from the county and 833 money for the fire department."

The Mammoth Spring City Council meetings are the first Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in city hall. The next city council meeting is Dec. 7.

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