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Two being sought for cooking meth in Hardy apartment

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cheri Lynn Lamb
Following the observant eye of an apartment manager at the Spring River Apartments in Hardy, a man and woman are being sought in connection with cooking methamphetamine in the apartment on Dec. 29.

PJ Carl Dunkel, 26, of Hardy is being sought on felony bench warrants from Sharp County Circuit Court for manufacture, delivery or possession with the intent to manufacture a controlled substance and Cheri Lynn Lamb, 25, of Cherokee Village is being sought on a felony bench warrant for manufacture of a controlled substance, methamphetamine.

According to the affidavit obtained from the Sharp County Sheriff's Department, Detective Sergeant Mark Counts was called to the Spring River Apartments in Hardy by Hardy Police Chief Ernie Rose after manager Pat Bratcher discovered some suspicious items in Dunkel's apartment after going to talk to the occupant, PJ Dunkel, regarding questions about why the police had been at his apartment over the weekend.

PJ Carl Dunkel
Bratcher told Counts that when she entered the apartment, Dunkel acted nervous and she followed him to the kitchen where she noticed a black bag with several items that in her training she knew to be consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine.

When asked about the items, including heat, camping fuel, lye, Draino, acetone, a ziplock bag with fertilizer and plastic tubing, Dunkel told Bratcher he was taking them camping. She did not have a phone to call police so she took the bag and later turned it over to Counts.

Later, Hardy Officer Ashton Hester met with Counts at Dunkel's, who mirandized the subject who allowed the officials to search his apartment. The search yielded some jars in the sink smelling of a strong chemical odor as well as a pipe with residue, rolling papers, a pill grinder and a green leafy substance.

When asked for an explanation of the items, Dunkel continued to cooperate with the officer and detective and told them he allowed a friend named Willy and his sister Cheri to clean his apartment while he was at work. He then told detectives he was in the process of kicking them out when the apartment manager arrived. The two took off when Bratcher told them she was calling the police.

On Dec. 29, Dunkel was interviewed by Counts at the Sharp County Sheriff's Department. He then told detectives that his friend Willy had offered to pay Dunkel's bills if he were allowed to cook the dope in his apartment. He further stated his sister and a guy named Zack came by and cooked the dope, while he and Willy watched so they could learn how to make the methamphetamine. He said he never got any of the money or the product.

Dec. 30, Detective Sergeant Ken Guidry interviewed William (Willy) Lamb at the Hardy Police Department and it was discovered that he was on parole. Lamb told Guidry his sister Cheri brought the bag with the ingredients to Dunkel's apartment where they smoked meth made by the shake and bake method. He said his sister made the meth in a 20 ounce Mountain Dew bottle that was later recovered outside the apartment in the woods.

Following the interview with William Lamb, Guidry interviewed Cheri. She told the detective Dunkel asked her to cook the dope, to which she said she wouldn't, but would show him how to make it. She then told the detective she peeled the batteries, crushed the pills, mixed the ingredients and told Dunkel when to release the pressure.

Guidry then reinterviewed William who told the detective his girlfriend drove Cheri around to get the ingredients, a story Cheri substantiated in the second interview with authorities.

The two were released because no warrant had been issued at the time of the interview and they have not been seen since the interview.

If anyone knows of the whereabouts of either Dunkel or Lamb, they should contact the Sharp County Sheriff's Department at 994-7355. Any information will be kept in strictest confidence.

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