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Council hires new summer manager for Salem city pool

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Salem City Council met on Thursday, March 18 and reviewed the application submitted for filling the city pool manager position, which was sent in by Cecil Murray.

"Ya'll probably know him, as he's worked for us before," said Mayor Gary Clayton. "He was the pool manager out there a few years ago, and as far as I know, he did a pretty good job."

After some brief discussion, the council voted to hire Murray as the new pool manager.

On the financial side of things, the mayor reported that the city's sales tax revenue is staying on budget. "You'll notice that things are still going pretty well on sales tax," said Clayton. "We've got a sixth of the year in and as of right now we're running right on track as far as budget. We showed a net income figure of $12,000 plus for the month. The other departments have done pretty much as well. The water and sewer department is up $7,400 and the street department is up $1,700."

Police Chief Albert Roork presented the police department's monthly activity report, including 59 complaints, four automobile accidents, six domestic disputes, two reported thefts and four drug investigations. The department had 31 arrests, including five for possession of a controlled substance and one for third degree assault.

Fire Chief Heath Everett gave the fire department's report, noting that the majority of calls were for grass fires. "There were 13 runs last month," said Everett. "As you might expect, 11 of those were grass fires. A lot of people are burning, and it's very dry, and these fires are getting away from them."

Bill Worsham presented the report for the Public Works department. The new waste water plant is online, but not without a few difficulties. "We've had problems with the flow meter, the DO meter and the PH meter," said Worsham.

The city has removed over 14 loads of brush from right of ways and continues to pick up limbs that fall during strong wind gusts. The department has also removed the park bridge from the spillway in preparation of raising it up by about two feet.

Under old business, the city is still waiting on their state reimbursement from the 2009 ice storm clean up, having already been reimbursed by FEMA.

The issue of proper house numbers within city limits was also discussed. "Best we can determine, we do not have any existing ordinances on that, so that's something we'll need to do some research on," said Clayton.

"Bill (Worsham) and I both agree that we need to do it," said Roork. "When there's an emergency, we need to be able to find people quickly."

"Especially when we get a call at three in the morning for an emergency and we can't find the address, it delays us in providing assistance," said Everett.

The council voted to authorize city attorney Dewayne Plumlee to do a rough draft on the ordinance for the council members to review at the next meeting.

The mayor also advised the council that he would be applying for a new dump truck through a solid waste management grant to go with the new brush chipper the city received from the same grant program last year. Should the application be approved, the dump truck and chipper would be utilized in the city's composting program.

In other news, the mayor stated that he had been in contact with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints regarding a youth work program. "On April 24, they have a nationwide work day for their young people, and they were looking for a project here in town that they could assist with," said Clayton. "Bill and I thought we could have them help out at the airport, cutting weeds and sprucing up the little building out there."

Finally, the council reviewed the preparations for the new dog ordinance, scheduled to go into effect on April 4.

"We're developing an initial contact form, so that when we contact people who are out of compliance, we can hand them this form, telling them what they need to do to get into compliance and date it and let them know when we'll be back to see if they've complied," said Roork.

A copy of the ordinance can be obtained from the Salem City Hall.

The next city council meeting will take place on Thursday, April 22 at city hall.

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