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Traffic stop yields mobile methamphetamine lab

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A traffic stop by a Highland police officer April 11, 2010 yielded four felony charges from a methamphetamine lab located in the trunk of the vehicle.

After receiving a tip from Highland area constable Mike Oroz that a wanted suspect's vehicle was approaching, Highland officer Kyle Crawford stopped the vehicle known to be driven by Steven McMahill , 33, of Ash Flat. The subject was wanted on a Be on the Lookout (BOLO) from the Cherokee Village Police Department. An affidavit for warrant of arrest provided by the Highland Police Department states that McMahill was wanted in Cherokee Village for questioning in a suspicious death case. Crawford's report stated that there were four occupants in the vehicle.

In the back seat was Steven Meek, 51, of Horseshoe Bend. Meek had an active warrant and was requested by the officer to step out of the vehicle. After Crawford did an inventory on Meek for the warrant, he discovered a small bag containing what he believed to be consistent with the appearance of methamphetamine in Meek's wallet. He was then read his rights and put under arrest for felony possession of a controlled substance.

Because of the narcotic's discovery, the other passengers were also asked to exit the vehicle. Cherokee Village Officer Chris Spurlock assisted Crawford in patting down the other suspects. While the officers were searching the subjects, assisting officers from Sharp County and Cherokee Village discovered a working methamphetamine lab in the trunk of McMahill's vehicle. During the pat down and search of Tanya M. Hainlin, 43, of Peoria, Ill and Veronica Beck, 41, of Horseshoe Bend, it was discovered that Beck had a bag of crushed Oxycontin in her shoe.

All suspects were read their rights and placed under arrest for intent to manufacture methamphetamine. A small amount of marijuana was also discovered in the vehicle as well as a needle with what appeared to be blood in it. Drug Task Force Officer Mike Zeiger then came to the scene to handle and identify the components of the methamphetamine lab.

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