Liberty Days essay contest announces Highland winner

Friday, May 21, 2010
Highland Middle School student Jacey Oakes is awarded a $100 savings bond for winning the Liberty Days essay contest. Oakes is pictured with, from left , Barkley Terry, Sharp County Judge Dale Weaver, Lion Wally Schultz and Lion President Bonnie Helland.

Representatives with the Lion's Club and Liberty Bank presented savings bonds to winners of Liberty Days, an essay contest sponsored by the Lion's Club at Highland Middle School April 28.

Lion Wally Schultz, past District Governor, began the presentation for the entire fifth grade at the school by posing various questions about the Liberty Dollar, including where the location of the words, "In God We Trust," on the gold coin. Many students attempted to answer the question. Each was given a gold dollar coin for their efforts. Prior to beginning the presentation Sharp County Sheriff Dale Weaver spoke to the crowd about the meaning of the Constitution to Americans. He explained to the crowd that many men defend not only the people of America in the armed forces, but the words written by the founders in the Constitution. Weaver told the group the importance in their standing up for and upholding The Constitution.

The essay contest asked each participant to submit an essay detailing their favorite of the "Freedoms" outlined in the document. The winner, Jacey Oakes, then read her essay to the crowd with both poise and feeling.

Oakes read her essay detailing her three favorite freedoms. She chose the freedom of religion, stating that she could go to any church she chose and be able to worship with her family. Oakes second choice was the freedom of speech, which allows her to voice her opinions and finally, the freedom of press. Oakes said that in some countries people are not allowed to read certain books, watch specific television shows or other media.

She was awarded a $100 savings bond from Liberty Bank. The second place winner was Mark Macchia, he was awarded a $50 savings bond from Liberty Bank.

Representing Liberty Bank was loan officer Barkley Terry, who is also a Lion's Club member and co-chair of Liberty Days. Also presenting the awards were members the Cherokee Village Lion's Club including Vickie Rice, Lion's secretary and chairman of Liberty Days and Lion President Bonnie Helland.

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