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Kankey facing charges in several counties

Friday, January 21, 2011

Richard Irby

Staff Writer

While Rodney Kankey waits for a District Court hearing to try to stop the Humane Society and ASPCA from taking the horses he is charged with abusing and neglecting, Kankey is confined to the Stone County Detention Center, his fourth jail in eight weeks.

Kankey was arrested in Fulton County on Nov. 25 for allegedly threatening three people and waving a gun at another.

Upon his arrest, Kankey was transported to Marion County, where a warrant charged he trespassed and damaged property while stealing a horse he sold to a Yellville resident.

When Kankey made bail in Marion County, he was immediately returned to Fulton County to face charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threatening (three counts) and illegal possession of a firearm.

"They bounced me around like a basketball," Kankey told Circuit Judge Adam Harkey on Dec. 6, while explaining he was confused over exactly what charges he was facing.

After 18 days in jail, Kankey's bond was reduced from $250,000 to $100,000 and his parents were able to post the lowered amount and secure his release.

Just 17 days later, Kankey was arrested in Boone County and charged with breaking or entering and theft.

According to a Boone County Sheriff's report, Kankey's son, Colton, called police to complain his father had cut a padlock off of his horse trailer and taken saddles, saddle pads and tack, which had been stored inside the trailer.

Kankey was stopped soon after the incident was reported and saddles and tack were found inside his vehicle. Kankey claimed he brought the saddles from Viola to trade with a Boone County man. A pair of bolt cutters and a cut lock were also found in Kankey's vehicle, and he was taken in for questioning.

"Kankey further told me the only purpose in being at Colton Kankey's residence was to drop off some Christmas candy," wrote Boone County Investigator Marc Arnold. "When I told Kankey I did not believe his accounting of events and believed he had broke into the trailer and taken the saddles, he said he did not want to continue the interview without counsel. The interview was concluded and Kankey was returned to his cell."

After 13 days at the Boone County Detention Center, Kankey was transported back to the Fulton County Jail. But, after just one night, Kankey was relocated to the Stone County Detention Center.

When asked if Kankey had caused disruption at the jail, Sheriff Buck Foley replied, "They (Stone County) are better equipped to house Mr. Kankey."

Kankey is to appear in Circuit Court on Feb. 9 to face the five pending felony counts in Fulton County.

He is also scheduled for a Feb. 23 trial in Fulton County District Court. Kankey was charged with illegally possessing a handgun, following a June 9, 2010 incident in which he shot a man in the leg following a confrontation at one of his barns. Kankey claimed he shot in self defense. Possessing a weapon was, however, a violation of a court order and resulted in the District Court charge. Kankey was ordered not to possess firearms to settle a 2006 case in which he threatened Sharp County police officers.

In all, Rodney Kankey is charged with 12 criminal counts related to disputes with others.

In addition, Kankey faces five felony and 113 misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty.

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