Letter to the Editor

Restaurant owner speaks up

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Editor,

I am responding to Tammy Curtis' article of June 23-29, concerning the Hardy City Council meeting.

As a restaurant owner and resident in Hardy, I want to express my appreciation to Jeff Jackson and the work of the County Health Department. I find Jeff to be an asset to our community. He is always professional, courteous and, above all, fair with his assessment and review of public health and safety issues under his charge.

In regard to the city of Hardy, considering all the money they have spent to purchase a "wiener wagon" to "sell hot dogs," it is troubling to discover that the City was not in compliance with even the most basic food safety rules.

If it wasn't so very serious, it would be laughable that, with our economy in the tank and all the economic issues we are facing in both our family lives and work lives, that our city officials are trying to grow bigger by acquiring more property.

One only needs to take a few steps into the historic Old Hardy Gym, the latest home of City Hall, to see how BIG tiny government can get. Most cities our size reside in space a fourth this size.

To think the City is considering acquiring the Iberia Bank Building, by any method, for a new city hall, when most cities are trying to slash expenses and businesses are downsizing to fend off closing, seems irresponsible.

I wondered about the cost of the additional utility bills for the "temporary" city hall during this continuing hot season and was deeply saddened to learn the semi-annual Hardy School Reunion had to find alternate accommodations, rather than meet at their Alma Mater.

I consider Marc Herring a friend and colleague. Like me, he has chosen to not only live in Hardy, but to also make a living in this town. I find it worrisome that this citizen and businessman was focused upon by city officials for protecting the public health and welfare.

Finally, I want to thank the Spring River Car Club for holding their event in Hardy. I sincerely hope the ineffective leadership and poor coordination of our city's involvement will not inhibit future involvement.

Thanks for your time.

Greg Bess

Hardy, Ark