It's fair time!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

County fairs are one of the things I have truly come to treasure about living in small town Arkansas. Growing up in New York, we had nothing like these wonderful, family friendly events. Seeing the community come together and celebrate the hard work of their neighbors, of their children and of their friends is a special thing indeed.

Especially in our modern day world of hustle and bustle, the fact that smaller farming communities take the time to set aside a week just to celebrate their accomplishments in livestock, home crafts, and more is unheard of in big urban areas, where most people stick to themselves and barely even know the people who live next door.

So take the time in the coming weeks to make a date with your family and friends to visit the area county fairs.

There are rides and games, pageants and talent contests, livestock to bid on and vendors to visit.

It's one of the last few institutions where a family can spend an evening together or the day, and all come home happy from the adventure. Plus, you'll be encouring your community to continue these events, and help to ensure they will be around for your children's families to enjoy.