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Sharp County Quorum Court fields questions from public

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sharp County Sheriff Mark Counts
The Sharp County Quorum Court meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. Aug. 8 by Judge Brown. All nine justices and Sheriff Mark Counts were present. Judge Brown led the Pledge, the minutes were accepted as presented. Judge Brown stated that the county is still ahead of the Treasurer's budget projections. The Judge transferred FEMA money to the Road Department Account. The money is from FEMA and is disaster funds for damages incurred in past storms that the County Road Department has repaired to FEMA's specifications.

As for "Old and Unfinished Business," there has been a meeting between Judge Brown and the city mayors and there will be a public meeting on August 21, 2011 at 2 p.m. in the A.L. Hutson Building regarding installation of the natural gas system. There has been a county wide mailing to determine the feasibility of the project. If you have not received this letter, contact the Judge's office at 994-7338. The public is invited to this meeting. It is a time to have your voice heard in this matter.

The court also discussed the web site which is still being developed. The Sheriff's web site was shut down for a few days as he was notified of hackers trying to break into the site. It should be up and running by this time.

Resolution No. 2011-4 "Interim filling of vacancy for the office of Sharp County Sheriff during times of emergency and for other purposes" In the discussion that followed the reading of this Resolution it was stated that there needed to be someone in place to be "in charge" in the event the Sheriff should become incapacitated. The Resolution was passed unanimously.

Resolution No. 2011-5 "Authorizing the Sharp County Judge to apply for a grant on behalf of the Sharp County Fair Association". The grant is for $4000.00 from the Arkansas Rural Development Commission to build a covered pavilion structure at the Fair Grounds.

If the grant is approved the Judge stated that the Sharp County Road Department will provide $4000.00 of in-kind construction help.

The Sharp County Fair Association will raise the remainder of the funds. The Resolution passed unanimously.

Comments and Questions from the Public raised a few questions. 1. Who determines if the Sheriff is incapacitated? The Judge stated that he does. 2. The law requires public input before the Quorum Court takes a vote. The questioner stated that this is not being done. The Judge stated that in the future, he will ask for comments from those present before the vote is taken. 3. There was a discussion relating to Ordinance No. 2011-10 regarding FEMA and the new flood plain plan that was passed as an emergency at the July meeting. The argument is that no one had time to research this issue or to view the new flood maps and still seven of the nine Justices voted "yes" on this issue. By passing this ordinance it allows the county to participate in government flood insurance. The Judge stated that there was a public hearing in 2010 on this question and input could have been done at that time. Also, as previously stated, in the future, the Judge will ask for input from those present before the vote is taken.

There was discussion about making the Agenda available 2 weeks before the meeting. It was stated that some of the information that goes on the Agenda is not available that early.

The Agenda is available the Wednesday before the scheduled meeting and is available to anyone who comes into the office and asks for it. The scheduled meeting is the second Monday of every month.

On the question of redistricting, someone stated that the State was finished but the County has not received required information to finish the County redistricting.

Redistricting of the county is done by the County Election Commissioners.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm. The next regular meeting of the Sharp County Quorum Court is on Sept. 12, at 6 pm at the Sharp County Court House.

Emergency ordinances are normally used so that the ordinance will take effect immediately upon the Judge's signature. In Sharp County, it takes six votes to pass an emergency ordinance. A normal ordinance takes effect 30 days after the Judge's signature. It takes six Justices to suspend three readings on three separate days rule, thereby allowing the ordinance to be passed at one meeting.

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