Letter to the Editor

Disappointed in Sharp County turnout

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear Editor:

There was a public meeting held on Sunday, August 21st at the Hutson Building next to the Highland High School in Highland, Ark. There are 12,000 people in Sharp County. There was less than 500 hundred people at this meeting. I am disappointed in the people of Sharp County.

Are you not interested in what is going on in your county? Do you care what is happening in your county? Are you content to sit back and complain about what is happening in the county?

If you do not educate yourself as to just exactly what is happening, how can you know what to complain about?

To all those who plan on not signing the "contract"...this is a no brainer. You sign the contract, the powers that be can know just how many people are interested in having natural gas in the county and a plan can be made and the county can move forward. You don't sign the contract and there will be no natural gas in Sharp County.

What will natural gas do for you? It will up your property value. It can make it possible for light industry to come into the area and provide jobs. It is a fact that most machinery runs off natural gas, not propane. It can give people a means to stay in the area and raise new families.

Sure you may have to convert some of your home to use the natural gas system, but you have at least two years to plan for that. Sure you may leave your home before the seven year contract is up, but the contract stays with the property. Your next buyer or your heirs will thank you for the opportunity to hook up to natural gas.

It will cost you nothing until the actual meter is put in place and then the minimum charge is $10/month. The math says that is $840 for the seven year contract period. What is $840.00 over seven years in comparison to your current costs or the cost to sign up later after the gas lines are already in?

Of course if you choose not to sign the contract, we and the rest of the county will not have this amenity.

Signing the contract gives the county, the financial people, and the construction people an idea of what to build and where to build it and how much it will cost.

We were told local labor would be used for these jobs. A facility board would run the system, much as a board runs the city water system. This will not be a county responsibility -- your fellow citizens will be in charge. So, what have you got to lose? Judge Brown can answer many of your questions, as he was at the meeting. Call him at 994-7338.

Fran Sabia

Sharp County