Letter to the Editor

Golf coach thanks community, players for state championship

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Izard County High School Boys Golf Team, I want to thank many people who helped turn a dream into a reality.

On Oct. 5, the Izard County Boys Golf Team captured its second consecutive golf state championship.

Winning a state championship in any sport is very difficult to do, but winning consecutive championships is merely a dream for most. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment in preparing and hosting a state tournament.

First, thank you to Chuck McNeight, Mack James and Tom Taylor for getting the carts ready for the coaches, monitors and especially the parents.

Also thanks to Chuck for serving as rules official and for extra time he spent helping our players tone their game throughout the summer.

Thank you to Wally Mettler, Billy Jarrett and the others who prepared the course.

The course was in excellent condition, and I received many compliments from coaches, players and parents.

Special thanks to Chuck and the MRID for allowing us to host the event at Turkey Mountain.

Second, thanks to Toby McCurley and Russell Sherrell for slaving over a hot grill all day preparing food for players, coaches, monitors and spectators.

Also thanks for hauling carts to and from West Plains, Mo., and Coopers Hawk in Melbourne. Also thanks to Billy McBride for helping me haul carts back to Melbourne immediately after the tournament.

Thanks to Kelli Orf, Stacey Harmon, Hannah Doty, Falyn Farmer and Jordan Sherrell for selling food, T-shirts and checking in teams as they arrived to the course.

Third, special thanks to Jim Cooper and all the folks at Coopers Hawk Golf Course for loaning us golf carts, and to James Holloway at South Central Golf Cart Sales in West Plains for loaning us golf carts. We had the exact number of carts needed so nobody had to walk to watch their son or team play.

Fourth, thanks to all who took time away from their jobs or normal routine to serve as scoring monitors during the tournament: Wayne Gillihan, Neal and Mindy Mead, Dennis and Susan Thielimeier, Dannie Lafferty, Robbie Robbins, Billy McBride, Billy Jarrett, Bryan Malone, Court Methey, Larry and Sheri Weatherford, Jim Wise, John Mosser, Tom Doty, Jeff Whiteaker, Jack and Donna Petty and Benny Gambill.

Lastly, thank you players Preston Harmon, Uriah Mead, Zack Logan, Chris Mosley and Cody Faulkner and their families for the time and commitment it took to become back-to-back state champions.

Basically, from mid-July, these kids have probably spent more time with me on the golf course than with their families.

The players and their parents sacrificed their time together to see their sons' dreams become a reality.

These five kids never complained about the time I asked them to give in order to improve, nor did they ever complain after completing a two-hour basketball practice, then having to go to golf practice until nightfall. Thank you for your hard work.

As you can see from all those mentioned above, it takes a lot of hard work and effort to prepare and host a golf tournament of this magnitude.

If there is anyone I failed to mention, please understand it was unintentional and please accept my sincere apology.

More than 30 schools were represented from across Arkansas.

Twelve teams vied for the state title and 72 players tried to become state medalists.

As tournament director, I congratulate all who competed and again thank everyone who helped make the tournament a tremendous success.

David Harmon

Izard County Boys Golf Team coach