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Law enforcement cracking down on speeding in school zones

Friday, November 11, 2011

Leaving the house late or getting delayed by slow traffic are two of the many excuses given for speeding. But for one area school zone, the speeding is getting extra attention from local law enforcement.

Highland School zones are plainly marked with flashing lights which indicate not only the 25 mile per hour speed limit, but also serve as a visual reminder that children are present. Despite the warnings, every day numerous vehicles can be seen ignoring the warnings, many weaving in and out of traffic, passing cars who are obeying the law.

The yellow caution lights are activated on school days from 7:30 until 8:10 in the mornings, and again from 3:00 until 3:45 p.m.

Highland Police enforce these speed laws aggressively during these hours. Highland Police Chief Jeremy Stevens said, "People need to use caution and slow down within the school zone. It is their fault if they are running late, not the students. During these hours, when children are present, there are new drivers as well as students walking."

Since the school year began, the police department has written 40 speeding tickets in the school zone, 38 of which were for 20 miles or more over the limit. There have also been 40 tickets issued for inattentive driving, as well as one for use of a cell phone, which has recently become illegal in school zones.

With the construction zone in Ash Flat, as well as school traffic, perhaps leaving home a few minutes earlier would solve some of the issues.

The department urges the public to use caution in school zones and avoid costly speeding tickets which can, in turn, raise insurance rates.

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