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KAIT's Ryan Vaughn visits Cherokee Elementary

Friday, December 2, 2011

KAIT-8 Chief meteorologist Ryan Vaughn visits with the first grade class at the Cherokee Elementary School, Nov. 16, as students learned about weather. Vaughn performed several science experiments and allowed the children to view the Storm Tracker weather vehicle after his presentation. Photo/Tammy Curtis
If you don't like the weather, stick around as it is sure to change, is something that is often said about Arkansas. This quickly changing weather presents a challenge and an exciting job for KAIT-8 chief meteorologist Ryan Vaughn. Although, it may not be as big a of challenge as keeping the attention of the entire first grade at Cherokee Elementary School.

On Nov. 16, Vaughn made the trip from Jonesboro in his Storm Tracker mobile to teach the students a few facts about weather, do some interesting weather related science experiments and let them get up close and personal with the Storm Tracker.

Students were amazed that the "famous" weather man also had children, one that is the same as age of most in the group. Vaughn told the story of how even as a child, he was fascinated by the weather, and one particular weather man he always wanted to be like who he incidentally ended up interning with while in college. Laughing, Vaughn said, "One day one of you will become a weather man and you will come up to me and say, I remember you came to my first grade class."

After learning the seasons, the weather's impact on where we live and the clothing we wear, students were taught about different types of clouds and severe weather.

The students could barely sit still when Vaughn began talking about tornadoes, thunderstorms and hurricanes.

For his first experiment, the children were in awe at the tornado that Vaughn created simply with water and two liter soda bottles.

As a demonstration of the jet stream, Vaughn used a leaf blower and a nerf ball which was held in the air with the pressure from the blower.

The one experiment that the students were most amazed by was his demonstration of the way steam reacts after being cooled rapidly.

By putting three aluminum soda cans containing water on a hot plate and waiting for steam to rise out of the cans, Vaughn demonstrated evaporation. Immediately after they boiled, he turned the cans upside down in a large container of cold water and the water collapsed the cans right before their eyes.

Before taking an opportunity to see the weather department's storm tracker vehicle, Vaughn did one last experiment and created clouds in a soda bottle out of only alcohol, water and compressed air. The children were amazed at the white puffy cloud.

Vaughn's visit was to supplement the first grades's unit on weather. Many took the opportunity to hug the weatherman and have photos with him.

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