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Sunday, May 1, 2016

A good lesson learned

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The blessings of friendship is one of the greatest things in life. After conquering the "first anniversary of my 39th" birthday a few years ago, and going through the normal anxiety about getting older -- wrinkles, inevitable changes and perception of middle age -- the passing years have since flown by. I have maintained a smile and a somewhat good attitude about life but, in all fairness, I can not take the whole cake for that one.

As I write this column, I am happily listening to my phone go off every ten seconds with "birthday wishes" in texts, and Facebook messages from family, friends and acquaintences. This comes after an awesome weekend of being surrounded with those who truly love me for who I am. You know, the ones who come to your house when its messy and help you wash dishes or mop, even if they think it doesn't need it, or that one special friend who always comes early for everything just to help.

I think I have entered yet another new era and have decided to be happy in my own skin, and not worry about anything I cannot control. It took a long time for me to reach, but on this third anniversary of 39, I can say I'm at peace with myself.

I have realized I have some of the best family anyone could ask for, and some of the best friends in the world. These things are worth far more than anything else.

With the busy lifestyle we all lead nowadays, sometimes it is easy to get caught in the daily grind and become a robot, driven by necessity. Somewhere within that process, we lose ourselves and become like a well-oiled machine, being a slave to duty.

Well lately, I have put the stress of the aging process on the back burner, behind that basket of socks that needs folding, and that $40 wrinkle cream I used once -- on Feb. 7, 2009. I have thrown caution to the wind and decided I will truly enjoy the people who want to be in my life.

Sadly, sometimes people who you thought would be there forever are not and, as the seasons change, so do we. But what really matters are the ones who make it to your future.

I have lots of people I know will make it to my future, and I would like to thank everyone for making this one of the best birthdays of my life.

So, take to heart this lesson learned and never take one single thing for granted. Life is far to short to settle.