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Letters to the Editor for the week of May 30-June 5, 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am writing in reference to the Fulton County Senior Centers and the change in management.

I have worked closely with the centers, as an accountant, for the past 30-years that Connie Godwin has been in charge of them. She has always managed money in a responsible and honest manner. I have never seen anything inappropriate or dishonest. She has managed to keep the same services for our seniors in spite of drastic cuts in funding, even when costs were rising.

I believe White River Area Agency on Aging and Fulton County government should give her a big thank you for her years of faithful service.

I also would like to see her have a retirement reception, so everyone can wish her well in her retirement.

Catherine Butler

Camp, Ark.

To the Editor,

What is wrong with the people in Horseshoe Bend that make the pet laws?

A couple of years ago, a small child's pet rabbit was taken from her. It was called a farm animal and not allowed. It was a child's pet, always kept in a cage, except when she took it out to play with.

Once again, we have no animal control officer. He was a very nice young man. Some said he was not doing his job, yet any time we called him he was here. I believe he was removed because he didn't have the meanness to put every critter down, and always tried to find homes for them. Horseshoe Bend wants someone that doesn't care about any animals and will just put them down, which is sick and pathetic.

We don't even have a dog any more because, about 10 years ago, Animal Control told me I'd have trouble if one of my "vicious dogs" got out and bit someone. They were in a five foot high cattle panel fence. One was an old Australian Shepherd. The other was a part shepherd, and who knows what else. Those two wouldn't hurt a flea. My grandchildren were always playing with them. I got rid of the younger one to a man with nine children and lot of country to run in. Since then, we've never had a dog.

It just doesn't seem right that we live in such a nice little town, but citizens have no say over anything -- only the city council and Mayor. We pay all the big taxes, yet have no say over happenings here.

Pam Lester

Horseshoe Bend

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor