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Letters to the Editor - Week of June 13, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I sometimes introduce myself as a "Survivor" -- I'm not in the way we think of Cancer Survivors but, like so many, I'm surviving losing my mom to cancer. It's sad that it takes such a loss to get someone involved.

My mom passed away before she got to Relay, so I attend Relay for her but, over the last 12 years, it's become so much more. It's for you and your loved ones too.

It's my Relay For Life team's honor to be the Fulton County Survivor sponsor, and to host the annual banquet prior to the Relay event.

Have you noticed the PURPLE around town!?? Relay purple represents ALL kinds of cancer, and money raised through Relay For Life helps to fight ALL kinds of cancer.

In Bible times, purple cloth was very expensive and worn by royalty. That's how we hope our survivors felt, like the royalty they are to us. We served 30 survivors and their guests at the dinner on June 8th. Then, our survivors, adorned in their purple survivor t-shirts, were honored at the event as their loved ones placed a medallion on each of them to honor their good fight!

Many wonderful people helped make the banquet possible. A very heartfelt thanks to the Salem Church of Christ for the use of their facilities, to Swingles Family Diner, Jim at Southfork Café, the Salem Bakery, Town and Country, and Sandy Massey, for a great meal. Thanks to Fern at Salem Flower Shop, Monica at Groovy Little Flower Shop and Joanne Lowrie with her cups of HOPE for the beautiful centerpieces. Our thanks to all who donated door prizes, and much love and respect to my family and friends who make "us" Linda, Inc.

Until we find a cure,

Linda Gregg

Salem, Ark.

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor