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Law enforcement lists update of Fulton County Sexual Offenders

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Three convicted sex offenders have moved into Fulton County, and two other offenders have moved to new addresses in the county.

All of the offenders have registered with the Fulton County Sheriff's Department, or, if already registered, reported a change of address, as required by state law.

Since 1997, sexual offenders who live in the state have had to comply with requirements of the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry.

The new residents include Steven Francis Noyes, who has moved from California to the 100 block of Valley View Drive in Salem. Noyes was convicted of Lewd and Lascivious Acts with a Child under 14. He has been classified a Level 3 offender, meaning he is considered a "high risk to reoffend."

Christopher Sanders has registered as a sex offender after being released from the Arkansas Department of Correction. Sanders lives in the 200 block of Pickren Hall Road. He was convicted of Sexual Assault, Second Degree, and is classified as a Level 3 offender.

Richard Andis has moved from Melbourne to the 100 block of Red Fox Road in Hardy. Andis was convicted of Indecency with a Child, Sexual Contact. He is classified as a Level 3 offender.

Fulton County resident Jerry Kurtis Butler has moved from Salem to Mammoth Spring, where he lives on Woodrun Lane. Butler was convicted of sexual assault and rape. He is classified as a Level 3 offender.

Fulton County resident Delvin Ray Cunningham III has moved to the one-hundred block of Quilt Palace Road in Glencoe. Cunningham was convicted of Aggravated Sexual Assault on a Child. He is classified as a Level 3 offender.

According to Fulton County Jailer Joann Cunningham, who handles Fulton County's Sex Offender Registry, Level One and Level 2 offenders who are considered low and moderate risks to reoffend, must visit the Sheriff's office twice a year to confirm their places of residence.

Level 3 "high risk" offenders and Level 4 offenders, who are classified as violent sexual offenders, must visit the office four times a year to confirm their places of residence.

After each visit, Sheriff's Deputies go to the homes to confirm whether the offenders are actually living at the address they supply -- and to make sure the residence is the required distance from a school, day care, youth center or public park where they could come into contact with youth.

"One registered offender did have to move because he lived too close to a day care," Cunningham said.

According to Cunningham, there are 62 convicted sex offenders living in Fulton County. That is eight more offenders than lived in the county in June of 2010, the last time The News did an in-depth update on where sex offenders live in the area.

"Most (offenders) are pretty good about coming in when they should and submitting required information," Cunningham said.

There have been no recent "absconders" in Fulton County, offenders who move and fail to notify law enforcement of their new address.

Citizens can access the state Sex Offender Registry website operated by the Arkansas Crime Information Center. The website -- www.acic.org -- can be used by individuals to find out whether a registered sex offender lives near them, or to see where sex offenders are located in their county.

Level 4 and Level 3 sex offenders are featured on the website, along with any Level 2 offenders who were convicted crimes involving children.

State and local law enforcement agencies provide information about where sex offenders live to inform the community -- not to encourage the harassment sex offenders who have served their sentences and been released into the community.

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