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Letters to the Editor - Week of July 18, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Editor,

Mack Jr. and Kim Keedy from Cash, Ark., traveled to Cherokee Village to watch the Thunder on Thunderbird fireworks on July 4, and became the lucky winners of a cash raffle.

The raffle was held by the Spring River Paramedic Ambulance Service (SRPAS) Foundation, in support of SRPAS.

Foundation members Nelson Gatewood and Roberta Shankle presented the Keedy's with the check for their winnings.

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to support our ambulance service and congratulations to the Keedys.

Penny Hadey

Cherokee Village, Ark.,

on behalf of the SRPAS Foundation

Dear Editor,

An open letter to the Mayor and City Council of Cherokee Village, Ark.:

I recently looked up a couple of terms in the dictionary. The first that I went to was the word "steal."

The definition is: "To take, or appropriate another's property without permission. Especially in a secret manner or surreptitiously." The dictionary goes on to add, "To take or gain insidiously or artfully."

I wonder if you people have ever considered that your attempts to annex people who not only have no desire to be annexed, but have stated unequivocally and emphatically their desire to not be annexed, that your attemps amount to absolute thievery.

You have set out on a mission to steal the freedom of choice, as well as the tax monies of those citizens on whom you wish to force your insidious plan. In all honesty, this reduces you and your group to no more than common criminals.

You cannot keep your municipality afloat financially without the added income you receive from taking our tax money. How do you expect to furnish any benefits we might gain, such as water, sewage, police protection, and a myriad of other things? Your current citizens are grouped much closer together now than we would be after your annexation. That makes it cost much less to furnish such things at the moment. Yet, you are not able to handle the financial pressures you have now. What makes you think you can handle any more pressure?

A couple more words that I researched the meaning of were "theft" and "larceny." Theft is the general term, and larceny is the legal term for the unlawful or felonious taking away of another's propety without his consent by the use of violence OR intimidation.

Granted, your annexation attempt is legal, but keep in mind the laws of a nation, or a municipality, are supposed to protect the rights of citizens from unneeded or unwanted actions by such nations or municipalities.

With all this in mind, I, and many, many more people whom you are trying to rob, look you in the eye and pronounce you to be a group of theives, bent on doing tremendous harm to the people you are trying to annex. So please, take your insidious annexation attempt to the closets of your city hall and file them wherever you store your illicit dreams.

Thomas H. Pope

Cherokee Village, Ark.

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor