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Big bear drops by for a snack in Sturkie

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This bear liked Donna and Bruce Price's hospitality so much last year, she came back this year. The bear, captured on a game camera, spent an hour on July 12 sitting near a deer feeder, rolling around and eating corn. The bear visited twice a day last summer to snack on the corn. According to Donna Price, it still has a limp but seems in better shape this year. Photo by Bruce Price [Order this photo]
When Bruce Wayne Price entered his computer room and looked out a back window on Thursday, July 12, he called out, "Hon, we have a bear out there."

There wasn't any panic in his voice, or in the reaction by his wife, Donna. Their dogs, on the front porch, never let out a bark.

"Last summer, we had two bears on our property," said Donna Price. "I could see the one in the yard was the one who came to visit about every morning and evening for about a month last year."

During its return visit, the bear was having a little picnic, laying on the ground and rolling around near a deer feeder, eating corn on the ground. When it needed more, it stood up and shook the tree, so more corn from the feeder would rain down.

"She still limped on her left leg, just like last year, but she looked good," Price said. "She looked a lot rougher last year, and showed signs of having cubs."

The Prices also saw another, larger bear on their 120 acre property in the Sturkie area last year but it kept to itself, and they never saw it come near their house.

On July 12, the bear moved on after about an hour, when a neighbor drove up their lane to take a look.

But an automatic game camera near the bird feeder captured some great shots of her.

"I put the game camera there to get shots of deer and their little babies, who come up to the feeder," Price said. "I get a lot of deer up here, and I put out water in every kind of container I can find, because I know they are having a hard time in all this drought."

Price said the bear is welcome, even though photographs show it is surprisingly large. She just hopes it doesn't interfere with the deer.

The Prices have their property posted to keep hunters away.

"Instead of hunting, people should put out game cameras," Price said. "You would be surprised what you can catch on a camera."

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