Letters to the Editor - Week of July 26, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dear Editor:

I have noticed that somehow over the past years the church has come to misunderstand the law of church and state being separate. This law was put in the Constitution so that the people could worship whoever they wanted to, but, the law does not mean that the church should ignore what is going on around us.

People in the church should wake up, and see that our country is important and worth fighting for. We shouldn't just sit around doing nothing but complain about gas prices and griping about the way our economy is, and then just sit there at home and do nothing.

We need to vote in good candidates who will do what the people need them to do, and pray for the leaders who are in office, because no matter how much you dislike them, we put them there. Even if you didn't vote, it is still your fault when someone you don't like is put in office because you didn't turn the news channel off on the TV and go to a voting station and vote. Every vote counts.

I want to make something very clear. Not every person who goes to church is like this, but many are, and I want to tell the ones that are, that God gave us this country and, if we want to keep it, we have to start caring about it, and go out and do something instead of just sitting around griping and complaining.

Anna Robinson

Salem, Ark.

Dear editor,

How hot was it? Hotter than the fireworks on the 4th of July. This year, that was a tough one to beat. Once again, Jack Lowe and his team of sponsors and volunteers came through in a big way.

We started out our day with "Thunderfest," sponsored by FNBC, the all day festival offered great food, great music, and activities for the whole family.

We then turned our attention to beautiful Lake Thunderbird. There, we were treated with a boat parade, a helicopter show, and one of the biggest fireworks shows in the Ozarks, with "Thunder on Thunderbird," sponsored by Liberty Bank.

One thing that can't be controlled is the heat, but weather permitting, we can always rely on Jack to put on an awesome fireworks display. Cherokee Village's annual 4th of July celebration was, once again, a huge success.

Thank you to all the sponsors including: Liberty Bank, FNBC, Eagles Catch, Hometown Radio, 98.3 "The River," First Community Bank, Economed Pharmacy, Simmons First National Bank, Newspaper Next, Sharp County Regional Airport, Cherokee Village Kiwanis, IESI, and Areawide Media.

Thank you to: Cherokee Village, Cherokee Village Fire Department, Cherokee Village Police Department, Nine Mile Ridge Fire Department, Spring River Ambulance Service and all other public servants for volunteering to be on duty on the Fourth of July, keeping us safe and protected.

Thank you to the Cherokee Village Business Association, and to all the volunteers and donors, both individuals and businesses.

Special thanks to Jack Lowe for his tireless work all year long in planning, organizing, and raising money for local charities and non-profits.

All these efforts make Independence Day a special day for the citizens of Cherokee Village, our out-of-town visitors, and everyone in the Spring River community.

A day that makes us all proud to be living in the U.S.A.

Chuck Kristopeit

Cherokee Village

Dear Editor,

The Thayer Chamber of Commerce Board met on Wednesday, July 18, to discuss the postponed Fourth of July celebration.

Due to the ongoing dry weather a burn ban remains in effect for the City of Thayer and Oregon County. Unfortunately it doesn't appear we will get the amount of rain needed to safely set off fireworks any time in the near future so, for the safety of people and property, we are canceling this year's celebration.

We hope to come back next year with a bigger show, and appreciate the support of donors who make the event possible.

We will hold the funds donated to this year's event for next year's celebration, but return donations upon request. Donors may call K95 at 264-7211 to request their donation back.

The Little Mr. and Mrs. Firecracker crowning took place on Monday, July 23, at the K-Kountry 95 station in Thayer, in conjunction with the K-Kountry 95 Vantastic van giveaway.

As always the Thayer Chamber appreciates your support!

Adam Courter,


Thayer Chamber of Commerce