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Sharp County Fair Horse Show results announced

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Sharp County Fair Horse Show was held on July 24, with 93 entries. The results were as follows:

*Pony Class -- 1st, Peyton Landreth; 2nd, Dalaney Harris; 3rd, Robey Landreth; 4th, Emma Hyslip; 5th, Molly Cherry; and 6th, Tiffany Phillips.
*Miniature Ponies -- 1st, Peyton Landreth; 2nd, Gwenth Figgins; 3rd, Brindley Figgins.

Grand Pony -- Peyton Landreth, and Reserve Pony -- Dalaney Harris.

*Yearling Stallions and Geldings -- 1st, Kathy Aystin.
*Aged Geldings -- 1st, W. Wesley Austin; 2nd, Shelly Redwind; 3rd, Peyton Landreth; 4th, Emily Hyslip; 5th, Dalaney Harris; 6th, Molly Cherry.
*Youth Geldings -- 1st, Peyton Landreth; 2nd, Kody Rogers; 3rd, Dalaney Harris; 4th, Shaina Manning; 5th, Molly Cherry; 6th, Shalene Boles.

Grand Gelding -- WesleyAustin; Reserve Gelding -- Kathy Austin.

*Yearling Mares -- 1st, Wesley Austin, Joshua Jacobsen.
*Aged Mares -- 1st, Bearden Perkey; 2nd, Shaina Manning; 3rd, Dalaney Harris; 4th, Tiffany Phillips; 5th, Riley Trivitt.
*Youth Mares -- 1st, Kody Rogers; 2nd, Bearden Perkey; 3rd, Shaina Manning; 4th, Dalaney Harris; 5th, Riley Trivitt; and 6th, Joshua Jacobsen.

Grand Mare -- West Austin, Reserve Mare -- Kiely Rogers.

*Gaited Geldings -- 1st, Kiely Rogers.
*Gaited Mares -- 1st, Shaina Manning; 2nd, Kiely Rogers; 3rd, Kyle Manning; 4th Morgan Warren; 5th, Joshua Jacobsen.

Grand Gaited Horse -- Shaina Manning; Reserve Gaited Horse -- Kiely Rogers.

* Two and Three Year Old Mules -- 1st, Terrill Smith.
*Aged Mules -- 1st, Tracy Bolt; 2nd, Roger Smith; 3rd, Austin Stark.

Grand Mule -- Tracy Bolt; Reserve Mule -- Roger Smith.

*Pee Wee Showmanship -- 1st, Dalaney Harris.
*Junior Showmanship -- 1st, Kyle Manning.
*Senior Showmanship -- 1st, Robey Landreth; 2nd, Molly Cherry; 3rd, Owen Hyslip; 4th, Dalaney Harris; 5th, Matty Ross; and 6th, Hayden Hyslip.

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