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Why no black or women vets photographed by Villager?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dear Editor,

As a 100 percent disabled vet, I have a few comments.

The Villager Journal on Nov. 14 showed a lot of nice pictures of Veterans Day events. In all the pictures, I noticed something missing. I did not see any pictures of any black vets or other people of color. I also did not see pictures of any women vets.

I am a lifelong member of the VFW and the DAV. My memberships used to be in Sharp County, but I had them switched to the state organizations because my unit would not accept any people of color. Any women who tried to join were told they would be better suited to the Women's Auxiliary. I learned one thing in Vietnam -- men and women of all colors bleed red.

I also want to complain that Sharp County adds fire and ambulance fees to the bottom of tax forms of 100 percent disabled veterans. We are exempt by state (law), but the county overrides the state. The same thing happens to fire and ambulance fees which are charged to old people and other disabled.

I am sorry about complaining. I guess I have have no right. I'm just poor, white trash that went to the Army instead of Canada when drafted.

Dean Gay

Smithville, Ark.

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