Letter to the Editor

Readers speaks out about school shooting

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear Editor,

I was raised starting in the 40's. We didnıt have the problems of all these senseless killings back then. I was raised in a gun culture. Just about every boy that I knew had a cap pistol, or two. We played cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians. If you didnıt have a cap pistol you could quickly turn two fingers into one or a stick into a rifle. A few kids that I knew even had a BB rifle. All of our heroes were cowboys with at least one pistol strapped on their belt. They never had to kill the bad guys. They could shoot the gun right out of their hand and dispatch them with a right hook. Many Dads had guns in the home and everybody knew where they were kept. Everybody also knew what kind of whipping would come if you ever tried picking one up without Dadıs supervision. No kids ever took one of those guns and opened up on someone who treated them badly in school. If you had a gripe with someone, you two got together after school and had a fist fight. When it was over there was a winner and a looser. The next day you were friends again.

In todayıs world, we read and hear about kids of all ages caught with or using real guns to settle petty fights or as have happened so often lately mass shootings. No winners or losers just dead people. There are laws against kids with guns but that doesnıt matter. Somehow, they acquire them illegally. In my day we watched our heroes at the movies or on TV. Today the kids have heroes that defy the law and kill with everything from axes to bazookas. Parents actually line up at the stores to buy the latest edition of Grand Theft Auto video game for their kids. This game shows the kids how to shoot and slash and splash the most blood and killing in the most horrendous ways. I read recently about a kidıs video game that actually allows the kid to kill American soldiers in a video game.

Possibly the worst thing about this is that the parents play these games along with their kids. Then they wonder why their kids are involved in killing in real life. How did they come up with such ideas?

There is another thing that is different in my world as a kid and the way things are now. We have too many people that are more concerned with being politically or individually correct and sidestepping what really needs to be done. This includes everything from child discipline to taking religion out of every aspect of our public lives. We have let the minority rule. The police canıt search anyone without a pile of probable cause.

Politically correct or not, if you donıt have something illegal in your pocket, I say search away. We have closed institutions in every state where the mentally ill can be helped and confined and the public protected. That may infringe on a minorityıs rights but it removes them from being capable of doing harm to the majority. Even if there are facilities available, civil rights legal organizations have made the commitment processes so difficult that it is nearly impossible to successfully complete. Then we wonder how this person was allowed to kill all these people. Why didn't someone do something? They had to have known that he was sick. These institutions cost a lot of money that the states donıt have but can we afford to suffer the results of not having them.

The U.S. government squanders so much money every year in aid to countries that hate our guts. I think that the time has come to cut them loose and tend to our own and our own problems. The time has come for parents to start being parents again and not just be their kidıs friend. Time to stop being politically correct when we observe someone behaving strangely. Be vocal and keep it up until that person can be professionally evaluated, helped and if needed confined and the majority is protected.

I know that it is nearly impossible to go back to the way things were, but I, for one, want them back.

Dave Gruger