Fulton County winners at State Fair announced

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fulton County had 69 exhibitors in the Creative Arts Department at the Arkansas State Fair that ran Oct. 11-20 in Little Rock. The state fair awards ribbons to only the 1st through 3rd place winners in the adult classes and 1st through 10th place winners in the junior and youth classes.

Fulton County exhibitors won six "Best of Show" awards in the Creative Arts Department at the Arkansas State Fair recently. Exhibitor Kenzie Hart won a Best of Show award on her oil painting in the Youth Art Department, Breanna Walker won a Best of Show award in Youth Needlework Department with her embroidery, and Autumn Brown won the Best of Show award on in dried foods in the Junior Food Preservation Department. Mason Gains won a Best of Show award in Junior Woodworking on his footstool.

Adult Best of Show winners were Kimberly Krupa with her Sauerkraut in the Food Preservation Department. Pat Wade was a Best of Show winner in the Black and White Photo division.

Other exhibitors from Fulton County who won 1st place at the state fair were Georgia Bell in Adult Needlework, Gary Delaney in Adult Woodworking, Adrianna Fletcher in Junior Art, Lynnsey Foster in Youth Photography, Cameron Henley in Youth Art, Madison Howell in Youth Knitting, Kimberly Krupa in Adult Clothing and Adult Food Preservation, Colin McInthosh in Youth Crafts, Maddie Miller in Youth Art, Katherine Newman in Youth Crafts, Michael Quataert in Adult Sculpture, Beverly Reeves in Adult Knitting and Adult Christmas Crafts, Ted Rhude in Adult Wood Carving, Tyler Savage in Junior Woodworking, Catie Jo Spivey in Junior Photography, Shirley Turner in Adult Food Preservation, Kathleen Walling in Adult Crafts (Baskets), Opal Willis in Adult Crochet, and Dixie Wilson in Adult Art, and Cole Young in Youth Wood Carving.

Exhibitors winning 2nd place awards were: Becci Bartz in Adult Food Preservation, Charles Butkus in Adult Creative Writing, Laura Eniss in Adult Scrapbooks, Marilyn Hines in Adult Quilting, Kimberly Krupa in Adult Clothing, Ralph Moore in Adult Photography, Glenda Plumlee in Adult Art, Collin Powell in Junior Woodworking, Luann Stone in Adult Art, Jaiden Strong in Youth Art, and Rebecca Wyatt in Youth Embroidery.

Those winning 3rd place awards were: Shekhinah Davis in Adult Crafts and Adult Food Preservation, Elisha Davis in Youth Food Preservation, Elijah Davis in Youth Food Preservation, Chloe Guiltner in Junior Photography, Lane Hall in Junior Art, Glenda Plumlee in Adult Quilting, Esther Robinson in Youth Photography, Dalton Roork in Youth Sculpture, and Megan Spivey in Junior Creative Writing.

Adrianna Fletcher won a 4th place ribbon in Junior Creative Writing, Anna Neal also won a 4th place ribbon in Youth Clothing Accessories and Catie Jo Spivey won a 4th place ribbon in Junior Photography. Three exhibitors won 5th place awards: Ashton Guiltner in Youth Creative Writing, Katherine Newman in Youth Crafts, and Emma Phillips in Junior Art. Three exhibitors won 7th place awards. They were Ashton Guiltner in Youth Photography, Josiah Johnson in Youth Creative Writing, and Samantha Guiltner in Youth Photography.

Chloe Guiltner placed 8th in Junior Photography and Perri Huett placed 8th in Junior Crafts. Three exhibitors won 9th place awards: Elijah Davis in Youth Food Preservation, Nicole Foster in Junior Photography, and John David Sharp in Youth Photography. Garret Coffman received an Honorable Mention award in Junior Food Preservation.

Other exhibitors in the Arkansas State Fair Creative Arts Department from Fulton County were: Kathy Antus, Loetta Bratcher, Jim Bartz, Ann Reynolds, Sandra Carpenter, Esther Eldried, Dixie Harris, Suzanne Hartrick, Sarah Huett, Carolyn Lewis, Noble Lewis, Debbie Moore, Carla Quataert, Robert Williams, Diana Wilson, and Burton Yarnell.

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