Habitual offender caught in the act

Thursday, December 3, 2015

According to an affidavit from the Fulton County Sheriff's Department, on Nov. 23 Fulton County resident Leroy Crowl reported that on Nov. 22 he discovered his game cameras were missing from the electric poles at his storage units. Crowl stated he reviewed his other cameras and noticed a light colored vehicle that was possibly a suburban vehicle parked behind the storage units. He then said a man got out of the vehicle, removed a ladder and used it to climb the electric poles where the cameras were located.

After better reviewing the cameras, it was found that the vehicle entered the front gate with a key and took the cameras and left the area where the units were located. It was also noted that on Nov. 11 a similar vehicle with the license plate Arkansas 814UBB was at storage unit number two unloading what appeared to be fishing poles and tool boxes. The video indicated that the individual was walking to other storage units attempting to gain entry.

Upon reviewing the footage taken from Crowl's security camera, the individual was identified to be recently paroled Marvin Stout on both occasions. Department Investigator John Cawvey and Chief Deputy Al Roork from the Fulton County Sheriff's Department, questioned Stout at the residence he was occupying about the incidents. Stout stated he knew nothing. After being taken to the sheriff's department and shown the video, Stout said that he did take the game cameras and the items he put into the storage unit. He said the items were pawned to him from Michael Campbell. Stout also said the unit was rented to his wife Trena Stout.

Trena stated that she had just given guns to her brother in law Kevin Campbell and that the guns were her husband, Marvin Stouts. Kevin handed the guns over to the sheriff's department but stated that they belonged to his grandmother.

After receiving written consent from Trena to search her unit, Trena said the items were not her's and she did not know where the items came from. The items were seized for investigation. After inventorying the items, the name Andy Zook was scribed on some of the tools retrieved. Zook was notified and he identified the tools from his shed that was broke into while Michael Campbell was renting from him.

Stout has had multiple convictions for the same offenses and was asked to be tried as a habitual offender. He was arrested for breaking and entering a class D felony, theft of property, a class A misdemeanor, theft by receiving, a class C felony, felon in possession of a firearm, a class D felony and for being a habitual offender, a class U felony.

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