General municipal election results for Oregon County

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tuesday, April 5 was the General Municipal Election for Oregon County. During the election people went to polls to vote for positions open for local school boards, city council and mayoral positions.

For the Thayer R-II School District board there were seven individuals running for two open positions. They were Ralph Jared Underwood, Deanna King-Smith, Benjamin Arik Wheeler, Doyle Dean Fink, Geoffrey Glenn DuBois, Joshua Shane Wilson and Stoney Lee Cypret. The two with the most votes that will be filling the positions will be Deanna King-Smith and Ralph Jared Underwood.

For the Alton R-IV School District there were four individuals running for two open positions. They were Becky Granger, Chris Clark, Jason Kemper and Mike McElmurry. The two with the most votes that will be filling the spots on the school board are Becky Granger and Chris Clark.

For the Oregon-Howell R-III School District there were three individuals in the running for the two open positions. They were Melody Simpson (Jedlicka), Dale Hunsperger and Greg Howell. The two with the most votes and filling the positions will be Greg Howell and Dale Hunsperger.

There were five individuals running to fill two positions for the Winona R-III School District. They were Garry Bland, Steve Rightnowar, Justin Bland, Brandon Voyles and Alicia Gordon. The two that will be filling the positions will be Steve Rightnowar and Brandon Voyles.

A bond concerning the public water supply in Alton for district one was passed. This bond was to authorize collecting rates, fees and charges to use towards the "acquisition, construction and equipping water facilities to serve properties within the District sufficient to pay the costs of operating and maintaining the water system," according to the ballot.

In the Koshkonong Mayor race there were two individuals running. Tom Lowe was running for re-election and his opposition was George Hunt. Hunt was the winner of the mayoral race.

Running for two open alderman positions for Koshkonong were five individuals. They were Kelli Barnes, Rebecca Hunt, Steve Martin, Valerie Thompson and Billy Vandiver. The two that will be filling the alderman positions will be Kelli Barnes and Rebecca Hunt.

There were two individuals running for the Thayer Alderman Ward 1 position, Michael J. King for re-election and Clay Risner. Risner will now be filling this position.

Earl D. (Buddy) Rogers will continue his position of Thayer Alderman Ward 1 unexpired term.

For the position of Thayer Alderman Ward 2, Rosie Simpson was running for re-election, opposed by Dustin Jennings. Jennings will now fill the position of Alderman Ward 2.

In regards to the question on the ballot for Thayer regarding to whether or not the city should continue collecting sales tax on motor vehicles that were purchased from somewhere other than a licensed Missouri dealer. The question received 95 votes in favor of yes and 180 in favor of no.

For the Alton mayor election Doug Bridges ran unopposed and will now be mayor for the city.

For the position of Alton Alderman At-Large two individuals were running for the two positions to be filled, Eric King and Tom Young. King and Young will be filling these two positions.

State primary elections will be held Aug. 2. The sign up date to run for an Oregon County office was March 29 and the official roster of those running for office in the upcoming election is now available.

There are three individuals running for Public Administrator. Becky Granger is running in the Democrat party and Victor Bridges and Mindy Lawrence are running in the Republican party.

Running for the office of Assessor is Charles Alford in the Democrat party and Bradley Fettig in Republican party.

The Oregon County Sherrif office is open for election and running for this office are Eric King and Kevin Jotz in the Republican party and Robert Dyer in the Democrat party.

Tom Clary is running unopposed for Oregon County Coroner.

For the position of Surveyor, Scotty Simer is running unopposed.

Running for re-election for First District Associate Commissioner is John Wrenfrow who is running in the Democrat party. Also running for the office with the Republican party are Henry Smith and Jason Kemper.

Four individuals have signed up to run for the open office of Second District Associate Commissioner. Rick Deckard and Greg Barton are running in the Democrat party and Nolan Earls and Jon Hollis in the Republican party.

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