Torn Between Two Careers

Friday, August 12, 2016

Have you ever felt torn between two things? Or had to make a hard decision that you know would change the rest of your life? I am not anti-change, but I fully believe if something is working, there is no need in changing it...for the most part.

I graduated college in 2007 with my BSE in Secondary English Education. I used that degree for several years, then found my home with Areawide Media. When I think of the word "home," I think of somewhere safe, comfortable and somewhere you are loved. So Areawide Media is definitely a place I call "home." Why would I ever want to leave? That is where the being torn between two things comes into the picture...

I have told several people in the last month that I feel like I was born to do TWO things. So that is what I'm going to try and do. I'm not leaving Areawide Media, but I'm cutting back my time to follow a dream that I have had nearly my whole life...having a successful teaching career. I feel that my time with Areawide Media has led to the experience and relationships that will lead to my success as an English teacher at Highland High School.

I never thought I would find another place that I love as much as my teeny tiny hometown in Myrtle, Mo. in Oregon County. While I may not have Sharp County roots, I feel as though that place is as near and dear to my heart as my hometown. I'm excited to start another chapter of my life as a Highland Rebel, and continue to cover news stories in Sharp County as often as I can.

I'm so thankful for the support of Areawide Media and the people I have met during my time here. Though you might not see me around as much, I'm not leaving!