Donations help to provide free law enforcement training to local officers

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Officers from the Oregon County Sheriff's Office and the TPD joined law enforcement from other counties to participate in a free class that provided firearm training in lowlight situations. Photo/ Renee Janes

Law enforcement officers from Oregon County Sheriff's Office and the city of Thayer joined officers from surrounding communities to participate in "My Brother's 6," a training class that includes firearm, first aid and situational scenarios. The class was held at Shield Solutions training facility on Thursday, Sept. 22.

Shield Solutions, along with additional law enforcement instructors, donated their time to provide free training in basic firearm, first aid and situational training. Training included low light training situations and a run through the shoot house, which is an onsite facility that provides further situational training within the confines of a building.

For the last few months Shields Solutions has been taking donations and selling t-shirts to raise money to fund these classes. They use the money to buy ammunition and training equipment to provide local patrol officers with more firearm training.

"Being combat effective with your weapon is a perishable skill. If you don't keep practicing, you lose that," said Greg Martin, CEO of Shields Solutions..

The goal is to be able to have one to two classes a month to help provide local law enforcement with ongoing training. Currently, there are approximately 100 officers from various counties on the list to participate in this class. A lot of smaller police departments do not have the funding for additional training and this programs assists officers with ongoing training needed.

Many police departments, especially smaller ones, are on a tight budget, yet officers still require ongoing training. "A lot of these small agencies don't have the money to buy ammunition and to send officers to training all of the time," said Martin.

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