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Tuesday, November 1, 2016
A blessing box has been placed near Mammoth Spring City Hall as a resource of food and toiletries for those in need. Photo/ Submitted

For those that are in need, there are times when they may run out of food or necessities when the local food pantry is not open. This poses a problem for those who may be running low on money and not able to provide food for their family. As a solution to help those in need to get through a difficult time a blessing box has been created.

Jeanette Frey, a teacher at Mammoth Spring School, was inspired to have a blessing box created as a solution to keep those in need, especially children, from going hungry or not having something they need.

Times are tough for many and Frey wanted the box to be available to all who need assistance. "I know times are tough and some families do not qualify for assistance because they make too much money or they do qualify, but money is still tight. I wanted there to be something that they could go to for either one night of food or for a week's worth of food. It is something that touched my heart and I wanted it to be available anytime, day or night," said Frey.

To make this happen, Frey sought out someone to build the box. She was directed to David Melton of the Mammoth Spring First Baptist Church.

The blessing box is available 24-hours a day seven days, a week, and people can donate anytime of the day or night. Those who are in need also have the opportunity to stop by and pick up items that are needed. Some items that have been donated are food, diapers, baby wipes, soap and toiletries, etc. Bibles are also available in the blessing box. The top shelf of the box is for non-perishable food items.

Frey stated that she sees many children that are in need and that also helped to inspire this idea. One goal for the blessing box is to fill the box up as much as possible when there is inclement weather. There is not a grocery store in Mammoth Spring and this would help those who are not able to make it to the grocery store to have items they need. There are plans to put hats and gloves in the box as well for the upcoming colder months.

Frey stated that the Ministerial Alliance is contacted in the middle of the night by someone that is in need and the blessing box would provide another opportunity for those in need to acquire items.

Word about the box has begun to spread throughout the community and there has been a great reaction to it. "People are starting to hear about it and want to help, because you never know when it may be you. It could be any of us at any given, time because times are tough," said Frey.

"All the glory is to God-it was laid on my heart to do this," said Frey. She stated that she prayed about having the box created and then vocalized her idea. A friend informed her of who to contact to create the box. "Then someone said our pastor would help install it," said Frey. She also stated that when she approached Mayor Jean Pace about where to put the box, she was in favor of it. "It just all fell into place, it's just all lead by the Lord," said Frey.

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