Dollar General set to open in Viola

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Photo Submitted A portion of the construction that the new Dollar General has recently undergone in Viola.

Viola is anticipating the opening of a new Dollar General that is estimated to be complete by March 15, and expect to be open with a rough estimate of April 15, after stocking the store and training new employees. Viola Mayor Jackie Estes noted that this will give the residents of Viola easy access to picking up staples, such as bread or milk, without having to drive 10 miles into Salem. The construction process began shortly before Christmas, starting with the dirt work and just recently installing the walls. Estes noted that there are various subcontractors that are utilized in order to have a seamless construction process. These different crews have worked on hundred of Dollar Generals in the past years and as a result, are able to smoothly transition each step in the process.

The lot that the Dollar General is on, was owned by Clell Cox, who owned a funeral home in Salem. Cox had the intention of building a chapel, but the plan was never implemented in the 15 to 20 years that the funeral home owned the plot of land. There were community events held on the vacant lot, such as a block party or two. But, Estes noted that the land never was developed before now.

Estes said what he is most excited about is what this will do for the sales tax in Viola. Right now, Viola's biggest challenge has been maintaining the water system that is constantly aging. "This will help to produce revenue in order to not raise the residents' rates," Estes stated. There was a one-cent tax implemented that has drastically helped the ongoing battle with the water system.

Supporting the local community is on the forefront for Mayor Estes. He notes that he will buy anything there that he can, and he encourages other residents to do the same. "Everybody that you talk to is looking forward for it being there." On a final note, Estes adds that he thinks that the Dollar General will really take off and be good for the town of Viola.

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