Thayer Council monthly meeting

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thayer City Council met on Thursday, March 9 for their regular monthly meeting. The meeting was moved to this date for the month due to City Clerk Donna Martin having to attend training.

The meeting began with reviewing and approving the consent agenda, February financial report and bills paid and to be paid.

The council moved on to discuss the tax collection and the sending of notices to taxpayers who are delinquent on real estate taxes. Alderman Clay Risner made a motion for the notices to be sent and the motion was seconded by Alderman Dustin Jennings. The motion carried. Delinquent properties will be put up for sale at the courthouse on Aug. 28.

Mayor Kenneth Cotham informed everyone that the Thayer Chamber of Commerce will host an event at the Whistle Stop Stage. The event will include music and food vendors and will be held in the fall.

The public participation portion of the meeting began with Utility Billing Clerk, Cindy Callahan, addressing the council about a Thayer resident's water bill being extremely high. The bill was $314.58 and the resident's water bill usually is $13. It was stated that the customer does not have city sewer for the bill to be adjusted. There was a leak that the Thayer Water Department checked. It was believed the leak was on the city's side of the line. Because a meter had been put on a dead-line, the workers determined to work on the leak at a later time. When workers returned to fix the leak, it was discovered the leak was on the customer's side of the line, resulting in a high bill. Had the leak been fixed sooner it would not have been as high. The council discussed the matter and Alderman Stephen Clark made a motion for the water bill to be adjusted to $50. Alderman Risner seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Next, Madalyn Adams and Sarah Jewell discussed opening a Farmer's Market in front of their business that is located on Front Street. The council stated it would be great to do this and informed them they would need to complete the necessary paper work.

Kim Greer addressed the council about obtaining a business license for her new business, Shiny Happy Design Studio, LLC. She provided the council with necessary paper work. Alderman Clark made a motion to approve the license. Alderman Risner seconded the motion and it was approved.

Moving on to new business, the council first discussed for Thayer Police Chief Daryl Childers to purchase a Met Craft floor mount stainless steel for the jail. Alderman Clark made a motion to approve the purchase. Alderman Jennings seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Next on the agenda was to discuss having City Attorney Jennifer Crask review a proposed education and training cost policy or ordinance requested by Chief Childers. Crask will review and determine if it needs to be a police department policy or city ordinance. The council then discussed sending Mike Alexander for training provided by the Department of Natural Resources on March 22. The council will pay for mileage for the trip. Alderman Risner made a motion to send Alexander. The motion was seconded by Alderman Clark. The motion carried.

Next the council addressed having Alexander purchase lift station pump and lab supplies. Alderman Clark made a motion for him to do so and added the stipulation that the purchase of an additional pump was needed, it could be approved by Mayor Cotham.

Addressing additional city business, the council discussed having Zack Ary order meter setters for water samples. Alderman Clark made the motion for Ary to purchase the meter setters. Alderman Risner seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

Next the council discussed repairs needed for the Kubota tractor. A motion was made by Alderman Risner for the repairs of the tractor with stipulations that the cost of the repairs be shared between the parks, cemetery and street departments. Alderman Jennings seconded the motion. The motion carried.

The council moved into closed session where no motions were made.

After moving back into open-session the council approved hiring Craig Washam to work in the water department as a full-time employee.

Before adjourning for the evening, the council approved that if any city employee misses the MIRMA required monthly safety training video and test will forfeit their next safety day. Employees that fail the test will forfeit half a safety day.

Thayer City Council meets the second Tuesday of the month in Thayer City Hall at 7 p.m.

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