Cave City man arrested and charged with burglary and theft

Friday, April 14, 2017
Justin Henderson

Lying to the police never pays off. This is exactly what one Cave City man discovered after he received multiple felony charges March 29.

According to a report from the Cave City Police Department, Justin Paul Henderson, 40, was taken into custody after he was discovered to have committed several robberies.

The first was reported around 2:30 p.m., after Peter Hoover returned home to find his closet doors open, clothing in his office, canned goods missing, a necklace and both a man and woman's wedding rings gone.

While looking over his home, Hoover noticed two men standing on his back porch, who when spotted, hightailed it out of there.

An officer with the Cave City Police Department located the two men nearby and noticed a new can of half peaches beside them.

Henderson told the officer his name was Justin Anderson and that he had not been near the recently robbed residence located on the same street on which he was standing.

After speaking to Henderson, the officer returned to the Hoover residence and received confirmation by using a photo that Henderson was one of the two men Hoover had seen.

Later that night, officers located Henderson again after an additional report of a theft where he was named. While speaking to Henderson, it was discovered he had the necklace from the Hoover residence on his person.

During this time, the officer was able to identify Henderson, who was placed under arrest. Henderson was wanted in two counties.

Henderson was transported to the Sharp County Jail where he was then charged with residential burglary a class B felony, breaking or entering, a class D felony; theft of property, a class D felony; criminal impersonation, a class A misdemeanor; as well as two counts theft of property, two counts failure to appear and criminal mischief.

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