Senior Softballers say ‘Rain, rain … go away’

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I last reported to you after our games of April 20.  Since then, the Spring River Senior softballers have had back-to-back  rainouts on April 27 and May 4. 

We finally got some dry weather in the morning and got back on schedule with our Thursday games on May 11 in Ash Flat. We will be traveling to Jonesboro the next two weeks (May 18 and May 25).  

Our first game pitted Spring River (SR) against Trumann (TR).  SR jumped out to an early lead and never looked back, notching a win by the score of 19-9. TR, to their credit, didn’t let the loss get to them, as they soundly defeated Jonesboro (JB) by a score of 21-7 in the second game of the morning. SR and JB then squared off in the third and final game and the local boys once again got out of the blocks early, scoring five runs in the first inning and holding JB in check with some sound defense. SR went on to win the game 15-4 in five innings. The SR Seniors are currently 5-1 in Thursday league play.    

Now, allow me to make yet another “recruitment” invitation. We have seen a few new senior faces, enjoying our ball games the past two home stands. We’ve taken the liberty to approach these gents, inquiring whether they would be interested in playing senior softball. To a man, they all respond similarly with comments such as, ‘I used to play 25-30 years ago, but I’m not in shape and after watching ya’ll, I’m not sure I could do it at my age.’  Well, let me offer you men some advice and something to think about:  (1) most of the guys playing on our Thursday team have been doing this for quite a few years; (2) we had the same reservations you have when we decided to get back into this game; (3) with practice and a desire to get back into shape, we’ve proven to ourselves we can still play a decent game of softball even at our advanced age.  So here’s the deal for all you guys who are sitting on the fence, wondering if you can or should make the move …

Every Tuesday morning (right now starting at 10 a.m., but moving up to a 9 a.m. start when the temps heat up), we practice at the Ash Flat field. There is no competitive play, simply a chance to get out there, hone your skills, work on getting in shape, and if enough guys show up, perhaps have a fun scrimmage game. 

There are no obligations … show up when you can, enjoy the chance to meet new friends, and ease into whatever level of play you might want to further pursue. How does this sound for a no risk, no obligation offer?  So, come on out and join us every Tuesday morning (weather permitting) and give it a try – you have nothing to lose.

Your contacts this year are Dave Beckemeyer, Jimmy Drozd and Jeff Snyder.  Give one of us a call and come on out on Tuesday mornings to join us on the softball field.  We can be reached at: Dave (707-631-6345); Jimmy (870-257-3848); or myself (870-368-7934) – we would love to hear from you.

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