Nine Mile Ridge FD hosts retirement farewell

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Long time board member and Vice President of the Nine Mile Ridge Fire Department, James Holmes, recently retired from his duties.
Lauren Siebert

The Nine Mile Ridge Fire Department bid farewell to long-time board member, Vice President, James Holmes June 6 after hosting his retirement party.

Holmes became a board member in 2009 after his wife suggested he attend a meeting. Holmes smiled as he recalled coming in a citizen and leaving as a board member.

“They had a board member who had talked to my wife and I went to a board meeting and that’s when I became a board member. I came on board with the old crew.

I’ve been the vice president for about five years now,” Holmes said. “I’m of the belief that you don’t get in a position and stay there. After a while, you need to let someone else have a try. They’ll have new ideas.”

During his time on the board, Holmes said the department has come a long way, a trend he said he believes will continue.

“We were in the red then,” he said, referring to when he first joined the board. “We had no equipment to work with but now, we’re coming up. We have a great group now, a good board and have dedicated people. They work together and get things done. We’ve got a new building and added an addition to it. We’ve got new equipment and the firefighters are taking care of things.”

The new addition to the fire department was also dedicated in Holmes name.

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