Hot N Pop donated to Alton Police Department

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
The Alton Police Department recently was the recipient of an Ace K-9 Hot N Pop through the Spike’s K-9 Fund. Inset is a picture of part of the monitoring system.
Renee Janes

As the temperature rises outside so does the temperature inside vehicles. For K-9 officers on duty, this can be a risk to the health and safety of the officer. To keep K-9 officers safe while in a vehicle, the Hot N Pop was created.

Recently, the Alton Police Department was the recipient of an Ace K-9 Hot N Pop. This system, priced at approximately $1,700, was donated to the Alton Police Department through the Spike’s K-9 Fund. This device was created to help keep dogs on duty safe while in a patrol vehicle.

“The biggest thing it does is make sure the dog does not overheat and die in the vehicle,” said Alton Police Officer Richard O’Dell, who works with Karma the APD K-9 officer. O’Dell stated that many K-9 dogs have died due to police vehicles stalling and overheating and this is a way to keep K-9 dogs safe.

The device monitors the temperature of the vehicle with the help of three sensors placed inside Karma’s cage. The monitor displays the three separate temperatures at all times.

O’Dell explained that once the device is set at a certain point it keeps track of the temperature for instance if the truck stalls and gets too hot.

O’Dell demonstrated how the device works by running it through test mode. Once the temperature gets too hot, the horn will blow and the windows will roll down to let air in to help keep Karma from overheating.

The fan kit for the system has not yet been installed but will be soon. Once the fans are installed, the device will activate the fans to keep Karma cool until someone is able to get to her.

Another asset to this device is that it provides the ability to open the door to the patrol vehicle with a remote to let the K-9 officer out in case the officer needs assistance and is unable to reach the vehicle.

“It is a huge tool for us. Not only does it keep the dog safe, but it gives us an advantage,” said O’Dell. He stated that there are officers that have been in situations in the line of duty where there is an armed subject and the situation can be changed with the opening of the door and letting the K-9 officer out because it is unexpected. The door can be opened from inside or outside the patrol vehicle so the K-9 officer can pursue a subject.

O’Dell discussed an incident that was in the news recently where three men dragged an officer out of his vehicle at gunpoint into the woods and beat him up. However, the officer accessed his Hot Pop button and let out his K-9 officer that was a German Shephard.

This is the first Dodge Ram in the United States to have the Hot Pop installed in it. O’Dell stated when they attempted to install the device they had to have the truck taken to Willow Springs to have it installed.

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