Woman arrested for stealing checks

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Chelsey Hussung

Chelsey Hussung, 29, of Cabot, was arrested and received multiple charges in Sharp County June 30 after it was discovered she had been writing checks from someone else’s check book.

According to an affidavit obtained from the Sharp County Clerk’s Office, the incident dates back to May 25, when Hussung’s mother reported to authorities that her checkbook had been stolen and several checks had been written which she had not authorized.

The checks were dated beginning May 23. She explained to authorities that her daughter, Hussung, had been in her home and had stolen checks in the past, but she had never pressed charges during past incidents.

After providing a bank statement to authorities which reflected multiple checks written for upwards of $200 and created multiple overdraft fees, an investigation began.

In speaking with a cashier at a local service station, the authorities were informed no video was available from that date, however; the cashier remembered cashing four checks for Hussung who had come into the service station multiple times throughout the day.

Hussung has been charged with felony forgery in the second degree and misdemeanor theft of property.

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