Lowes celebrate 54 years of marriage

Wednesday, August 2, 2017
Marilyn and Billy Lowe displaying a lifetime of achievements in the form of a banner donned with their children and great grandchildren.`
Lauren Siebert

Before the landing on the moon, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the inventions of the cell phones, there was Billy and Marilyn Lowe.

Highland residents, Billy and Marilyn Lowe will soon be celebrating their 54th anniversary Aug. 24, so it is safe to say they have overcome many obstacles and witnessed history in the making while making their own history together.

According to Billy, a Williford native, He and Marilyn met in the 1950 following his return home from the service.

“We met through my niece. She and Marilyn were good friends in Williford and she told her [Marilyn] that she should try to get a date with me,” Billy said with a large grin across his face. “That’s the way it started.”

Following their courtship, the two became husband and wife in 1960 in Truman Ark., at the Baptist Church and it wasn’t long before the two started a family of their own.

“We have three kids, William Paul, Kerry and Barry. We also have six grandchildren and seven great grandchildren,” Marilyn said.

Marilyn worked as a home-maker as a book keeper and salesperson in real estate and Billy worked in construction for 20 years and ended his career after an additional eight and a half years working for the Arkansas Highway Department in the engineering department.

Billy is a lifetime member of the Elks and Legion post #336.

The couple will celebrate their 54 anniversary Aug. 24 with friends and family.