Long cab ride results in arrest

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Farrah Dalton

A Sharp County woman is facing multiple charges after an incident Sept. 2 in which she took a cab but refused to pay the driver following her ride.

According to a report from the Sharp County Sheriff’s Department, an officer was dispatched to the Sharp County Jail around 6 p.m., following a report that Farah Dalton, 26, of Highland, had failed to pay her cab fare.

Officers met with Jacob Holland of the Razorback Cab and Limo Service. Holland said he had picked Dalton up in Fort Smith and transported her to Ash Flat.

Once in Ash Flat, Dalton said she would have to go home and get a large TV to pay for the cab fare. Holland said he did not accept forms of payment other than cash.

After discovering Dalton did not intend to pay her fair with cash, Holland stopped at the Sharp County Jail in order to talk to an officer.

In speaking with Dalton, she told the officer her father had the money she needed to pay her fare. After speaking with Dalton’s father, who told the officer Dalton did not have money nor would she in the near future, the officer then returned to speak with Dalton.

She told the officer she had planned to give the driver of the cab a couple of flat screen televisions and some gaming consoles to pay for the service.

After explaining to Dalton only cash would be accepted, she then told the officer to “just write her a ticket”.

When informed she was being arrested for theft of services, Dalton began to act aggressively and use profanity. When told to calm down, Dalton then threatened to kill the officer.

She was then charged with disorderly conduct, theft of services and terroristic threatening.

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