Officials sworn in during Alton council meeting

Thursday, April 12, 2018
Alton City Clerk Amy Harrington swore in re-elected city officials Mayor Doug Bridges, Alderman at Large Tom Young and Alderman at Large Kody McIntire at the council meeting held Monday, April 9.
Renee Janes

Alton City Council held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, April 9, during which elected officials were sworn in.

Early in the meeting, the Methodist Church presented the Alton Police Department with a check for over $1,000, which was made possible through a recent fundraiser they held.

City clerk Amy Harrington read aloud the election results before swearing in Doug Bridges as mayor, Tom Young for Alderman at Large and Kody McIntire for Alderman at Large.

Moving on, the council inquired about information the fire department has, in which they were informed they are waiting on news on a grant for the new building. They have been waiting for three months to hear from SCOCOG about news to move forward with the project.

Next, they discussed the circus, which comes to the town every other year, sponsored by the fire department. This year’s event was a success and they had a good turnout.

Alton Police Officer Richard O’Dell requested use of the walking park for K-9 training for the days June 4 and 5. A trainer from Illinois will instruct the class. If the class is a success, they would like to have these classes every six months.

Moving onto other business, the council inquired about news with the water and sewer department. There was some concern about the streets being blocked due to the water project. In addition, there was concern about the condition of the streets such as cracking and the amount of dirt on them. Possible repairs for this issue were discussed.

The council inquired about what was taking place with preparing to open the pool. The pumps have been replaced, the filters fixed and it is in the process of being cleaned to be filled up in addition to repairing of a few cracks.

Alton City Council meets the second Monday of the month at Alton City Hall at 7 p.m.

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