TES summer school students learn about authors

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Thayer Elementary School summer students visited Thayer Library on Wednesday, June 6 for a presentation about authors given by librarian Joy Evans.
Renee Janes

A library holds a wealth of information and resources. This week, summer school students from Thayer Elementary visited Thayer Library for a special presentation given by librarian Joy Evans.

She explained there are different kinds of authors such as co-authors and ghostwriters.

She explained to students how writing has changed through the years from the time of the caveman when rocks were used to write on the cave walls, feathers, quills and ink wells and a typewriter was on display for children to view. She explained proofreading was important and often if a mistake was made, the writer had to start over.

She asked the children if any of them have ever met an author. Then informed them there are authors native to the area such as two local brothers who write fiction and nonfiction, two women from Koshkonong, a man from Alton and individuals who have graduated from Thayer School.

Evans explained to students when one wants to be an author, it is important to be interested in a variety of subjects and the library is a great source to research including books on history, science, medicine, etc. In addition to research, Evans told the children it’s important to ask questions, to listen closely to what is being said and to write it concisely.

“Sometimes you don’t just write books, sometimes you write stories like articles for magazines and the newspaper, or you could write TV shows,” said Evans.

Elementary classes visited for 30-minute increments throughout the day for Evans’ presentation. She then either read students a book or told jokes before they toured the rest of the library. The students were also informed to receive a library card, they must be seven-years-old or older.

Evans stated it was a very pleasant time as she enjoyed the students visiting the library and sharing in their excitement about learning about authors.

Kindergarten through seventh graders visited the library for the presentation.

Evans stated the students were well mannered and well-behaved. “The parents and the school should be very pleased with them,” said Evans. The students were excited about their visit to the library and life.

The event was inspired by different topics the school has during summer school and one of the weeks was about authors. She was talking with one of the teachers and they decided it would be a good idea to visit the library to learn about authors.

“They were excited about being here and several said they wanted to come back with their parents to get a library card, so they can check out books this summer,” said Evans.

Upcoming events this summer at the Thayer Library include the summer reading program each Thursday in June at 10:30 a.m., a music program for adults in July and a book sale in August.

If you would like more information about Thayer Library and upcoming events, call 417-264-3091.

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