City of Thayer holds monthly council meeting

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
This sign, created for the recent economic development meeting by LaShanda Grooms and Mindy Lawrence, was presented at the Thayer City Council meeting.
Renee Janes

The topic of economic development continued at the most recent council meeting along with other important city business. Also, Mayor Kenneth Cotham introduced the city clerk, Chantelle Allison. Previous city clerk, Donna Martin left to take a position with Thayer R-III School District.

The council approved the consent agenda before moving onto the reviewing the bills paid and to be paid. The bills paid and to be paid was tabled.

Moving onto the public participation, Bob Crase addressed the council regarding an economic developer for the city. He stated there were approximately 90 people who attended Monday night’s meeting, including a lot of participation from those who attended. There was no opposition to development in the city.

Alderman Roger Foley stated he was working with an individual to create an economic youth council and will have more information soon.

Susan Steffins addressed the council with the topic “The Dignity of Thayer.”

Doctor Jerry Hobbs, a graduate of Thayer, retired school superintendent and active lobbyist, addressed council about the importance of having a written plan and having a strategy for economic growth. He stated it helps to get people involved and to meet guidelines such as a budget and what direction to go and to let people know action is being taken.

In the state of Missouri, approximately 900,000 attending public schools and 40 percent in grades three through eighth grade, are not proficient in reading and math.

Moving onto new business, electric department supervisor Brian Blankenship addressed the council about supplies needed in the electric department. Due to a pole being broken, a lot of the inventory was used. The council approved up to $2,500 to restock inventory for the department.

The council also approved a list of items to be purchased for the waste water treatment plant including a cordless greaser.

Thayer Police Chief Daryl Childers addressed the council about replacing the computers at the police department. Current computers are approximately 10 years old. It will cost approximately $3,700, $5,000 was budgeted for this previously. Alderman Stephen Clark suggested to check an additional source to order from before purchasing.

Ken Brown addressed the council with concerns about information he received regarding the Veterans Memorial Park being moved. Brown stated a member of the American Legion informed him he received a phone call stating he wanted to move the monument. Cotham stated he did not understand how things get started and when this happens to come to the council to ask.

Cotham mentioned they have discussed acquiring a tank, a cannon and a flag. If acquired, they will need an additional location.

Cotham stated as long as he is the mayor of Thayer, the monument will not be moved.

Alderman Russel Jewell stated he was the one that made the call to ask about how members of the legion would feel about building another park and moving it, so it was altogether and wanted feedback on the idea.

The council moved onto approve Date Tech software specialist to train the new city clerk and the purchase of a receipt printer for $352.

Next, the council discussed purchasing security cameras for city hall. This was postponed for further inquiry.

In general business, a representative from SCOCOG discussed the water project and bills to be paid. It was decided by council to pay the two oldest bills of four owed. Included in the motion was to determine where to pay the bill from and to contact former city clerk for further assistance with the matter.

Thayer City Council meets the second Tuesday of the month at Thayer City Hall.

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