Mammoth Spring man arrested in SC

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Mammoth Spring man who assaulted a five-year-old boy in a local gas station bathroom in May of this year has been charged with felony sexual assault in the second degree.

According to an affidavit for warrant of arrest was issued Aug. 1 for Gregory Hurdle, 27.

On May 4, Ash Flat Officer Steve Powell was contacted by officer Kyle Herring of the Cherokee Village Police Department. While Herring had been in the Subway Restaurant in Ash Flat an incident occurred in the connected Murphy USA Gas Station.

Herring was called to the side by the victim’s mother, Chasity Hart, who said her son had been in the restroom when he had been sexually assaulted by a male subject.

“Hurdle is a male subject who suffers from mental illness and extremely low I.Q. Hurdle was at the gas station with his caregiver,” the report said.

When Powell arrived on scene, he interviewed the witnesses and found the victim had entered the restroom with his older brother. While in the restroom stall, Hurdle entered the restroom and entered the victim’s stall. He then shut and locked the door at which time the victim began to yell and cry.

The victim’s older brother ran for help at this time. Hurdle’s caregiver entered the restroom and told Hurdle to unlock the stall, however; Hurdle refused.

The caregiver crawled under the stall door and stated when he entered he the stall he saw Hurdle hugging the victim.

In speaking with Hart, she stated the victim said he had been touched on the shoulder by the man while they were in the stall however; later in the evening while home, the victim offered more information about the incident.

The incident was turned over to Crimes Against Children. On May 8, Investigator McKenzie Jackson with the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Division interviewed both the victim and Hurdle.

During an interview with the victim, the child recounted the details of the encounter with Hurdle.

During an interview with Hurdle, it was discovered Hurdle had a second legal guardian. The guardian was contacted and gave consent for Hurdle to be interviewed. Hurdle waived his rights and agreed to answer questions.

During the interview, Hurdle was asked why he had assaulted the victim to which he replied “he didn’t know”, but later stated he had done it “to be mean”. He also said he entered the stall with the “intention” of assaulting the child.

He admitted he was aware what he had done was wrong and that this was the only instance he had done something of this nature.

Hurdle has been charged with sexual assault in the second degree, a class B felony.

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