Fountain Place welcomes Sharp County native as director

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fountain Place, a Christian independent living facility in Cherokee Village, has a new executive director, Bailey Morris.

Morris began working as director for the facility earlier this month and said she is looking forward to helping the facility grow and helping members of the community become more familiar with the services provided.

James Sanders was serving as the interim director until they found a replacement. I had been working at Absolute Care and was the office manager there. When I heard about this opportunity, I applied and was selected, Morris said.

A lifelong resident of the Spring River area, Morris said she is familiar with the area and upon graduating college, decided to return to live and work where she had grown up.

Ive been in Senior Care for a long time, I worked at Complete Care and ran DME, then I went to Absolute Care and finally Im here. I have a passion for it. I love seniors and always have and its always been where Ive landed and feel this is what Im supposed to be doing, Morris said.

Morris said now she hopes to use her human resources background and some fresh ideas to begin better marketing strategies for Fountain Place.

People dont really understand what happens here or really know what we have. People tend to think its not affordable, but it is. Im going to up my marketing. We havent done a lot in the last few years here. We have have the Chamber of Commerce coming to do a blue ribbon cutting Sept. 20. We have an Ice Cream Social coming up, Morris said. Im trying to get more involved with the chamber of commerce and were working on a new website. We will be working on online marketing as well, Morris said. We offer a really great service to the community and I wholeheartedly believe we just havent done our part to draw people in and let them know.

Morris said she would like to invite the community to come and meet with her to learn more about the new developments that will be taking place in the coming months.

Im willing to work and to reach out. I love to make connections with people and I know that Fountain Place can be a home for a lot of people. I want it to be a great place the community can be proud of and I plan to take us into that. Our number is 257-2000, Morris said.

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