City of Koshkonong holds monthly meeting

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Koshkonong City Council held their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 21 during which

July minutes, July financials and bills paid and to be paid were approved before Mayor George Hunt and Nick Reed gave the water and sewer report.

A discussion concerning general publicís view that the water bills in Koshkonong are outrageous. The bill sent to citizens includes the water bill and trash pick-up. However, trash is not part of the city bill and is with a private trash company but is included on the same bill. It was suggested to separate the two bills. The city clerk will look further into this topic.

New radio control water meters have been installed throughout the city. Reed informed council two weeks ago he read the meters and determined if the meters were properly working. A few leaks were detected, and those individuals were notified. The new meters have cut the time down in which it takes to read them. Before, it took two individuals working together for a day, now it takes one person approximately two hours to. There has also been positive feedback from citizens.

Reed also said city workers have worked on maintaining sewer plant lines including snaking out lines at the sewer system. This will help in the process of the system cleaning the water more thoroughly.

In addition, two new resident water and septic systems have been installed and 75 percent of the work has been completed. This is the new first tank to be installed since the sewer system was installed in 2000. Mayor Hunt stated this shows positive growth within the city.

Reed also reported other repairs including old fencing around the standpipe was removed and a new fence is being put up. The new six-foot fence will include two runs of barbed wire around the top to help protect the city water system.

City employees worked to remove five tons of brush from the town. Much of the brush was cut from trees along streets. This will increase visual capabilities for drivers and will help keep tree branches off of school buses. They also took down two trees, one located behind city hall, which will aid in the storm siren being heard and assist security cameras.

Old street lights were replaced with LED lights by Howell Oregon Electric Cooperative. The addition of these lights has improved visibility through the city. The power poles were also numbered for reference points. However, a few of the lights are not working, which will be found and flagged for a report to HOEC.

A grant has been applied for SCOCOG, which will assist with tornado sirens. The topic of sirens having solar panels was discussed.

The city is looking into acquiring a sewer pump, so the city can pump the sewer tanks. This would save the city money, as they would not need to pay to have the city sewers pumped. The tank will require a trailer and additional city vehicle.

Moving onto new business, the city held their annual city property tax hearing. It is a small increase and is an annual allowance. The tax will increase 0.0373, from 0.8796 percent to 0.9169 percent.

The meeting adjourned.

Koshkonong City Council meets the third Tuesday of the month at Koshkonong City Hall at 5 p.m.

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